The Garden Room: The Enchanted Restaurant of Atlanta

The dining experience is an enchanted escape, with every dish being as magical as the ambiance of the restaurant. At The Garden Room, you can find dishes that are bursting with color and texture. You’ll be able to find chef-driven small plates which consist of tapa-sized dishes that are meant to be shared. They are heavily recognized for their Lobster Rolls which consist of a parker house roll, miso, sesame, and shiso. The Black Truffle Pillows is also a very popular dish at The Garden Room. It’s pasta that is made out of wild mushroom, parmesan, butter, and black pepper. It is delicious with a smooth creamy texture. The House-Made Focaccia Bread Additions is also a very tasty dish that you can share with a partner. It is made of multiple small dishes of whipped goat cheese and black truffle, salmon rillette, baba ganoush, and pomegranate, which are used as a spread on the Focaccia Bread. Lastly, we cannot forget the dessert. The most popular dessert at The Garden Room is the Smash Me which is made out of chocolate crémeux, coconut ganache, and dark chocolate mousse. This dessert is very special since it requires you to physically smash into the cup of dessert with your spoon. It is definitely a one-of-a-kind experience that is worth trying.