The Garrison – Finley Farms – Ozark, Missouri

The Legacy of

Riverside Inn

Most people know Howard Garrison as the owner of the famed Riverside Inn Restaurant that once neighbored the Finley River. However, he was also a talented artist and, at times, a rebel outlaw.

Underneath Howard’s gruff exterior was a soft heart. For him, hospitality was an art form and means for self-expression. Vases of flowers from his garden and his murals adorned the restaurant.

The Riverside Inn survived tumultuous times, like Prohibition and The Great Depression. Police arrested Howard more than once for allowing gambling and drinking at the Riverside Inn. During the Supper Club Era, countless parties took place on the sprawling patio and carried late into the night. The community cherished the Riverside Inn as a second home and lovingly volunteered to clean when the river flooded its quarters.

Howard passed away in 1974, but his restaurant remained open for several decades. It is to Howard Garrison and the Riverside Inn that we pay homage by opening The Garrison.