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I’m getting over charged for a vehicle that I don’t have. I set the insurance up when I bought my car online through Vroom before I actually received the car. They said when they put the VIN in their system said it was a 75th anniversary model. This made my policy go up another $50. I didn’t have the car yet to confirm that so I just went with it. They said when I received the vehicle if it was not a 75th model I could just call back and they would change the policy for me. About a week later I got the car I had a pre inspection done on it and was told it is 100% NOT a 75th model. So I called the general and I also pointed out that a 75th anniversary model is a 2016. I have a 2017. You’d think that would shine a light on the situation. They said they would look into it…. They never even called me back! So I got all the paperwork I have of the specifications on my vehicle (basically my cars birth certificate) and the original window sticker and emailed copies to them and still nothing. The only thing I got was a email that said “your documents are being reviewed “. That was 4 months ago. This whole time I’ve been paying $50 extra every month. For a car I don’t own!!! And not a single person over there can do something about this? That’s bad business. I wouldn’t recommend the General to anyone. They are thieves!