The Golf Club of Dallas

The Golf Club of Dallas

A Haven for Lovers of Classic Golf

If you have a passion for championship golf in the finest tradition of the game,
then The Golf Club of Dallas is the place you’ve yearned for.

It’s a place with a great history. What is now the Byron Nelson Classic was held
here in the 1950s. The likes of Sam Snead, Julius Boros and Bert Yancey collected
trophies here.

It’s a place that is also moving forward. With a focus on the golfer and what makes
this the world’s greatest game. We are constantly working to improve the course,
the facilities and the total golf experience.

Additionally, we provide a wide-range of golf programs and amenities, including…

  • Exceptional pro shop and practice facilities
  • Attentive teaching pros and courteous golf staff
  • Active men’s, women’s and seniors’ golf associations
  • Numerous member tournaments
  • Excellent 19th Hole lounges

…and an attitude that no member plays or sits alone that doesn’t want to. It truly doesn’t get any better.

Have a closer look at the course and learn more by watching the video in the top right!

We look forward to seeing you out on the course!