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The list of the Top 10 golf courses in the US

The list of the Top 10 golf courses in the US: There are hundreds of members of our course-ratings panel to evaluate courses. The panel rates them in points ranging from 1 to 10. The judging panel files a single, overall rating on each course. These overall ratings are then averaged to produce these rankings. The top golf courses in the world have an average rating of above 9.

All the golf courses in the mentioned list allow public access in some fashion. The golf courses charge fees through a resort, or by staying at an affiliated hotel. If you have a will, there’s a tee time.

The United States of America boasts some of the best golf courses in the world. These world-class golf courses have seen their fair share of celebrities and golf professionals. Let us peek into the top 10 golf courses in the U.S.

1. Pine Valley G.C.

The list of the Top 10 golf courses in the US: There are hundreds of members of our course-ratings panel to evaluate courses.The list of the Top 10 golf courses in the US: There are hundreds of members of our course-ratings panel to evaluate courses.Image Credits:

Situated in Pine Valley, New Jersey, this Golf Course was created in the year 1918. The golf course was created by hotelier and golf lover George Arthur Crump. When it was launched, it held the reputation of being the most challenging golf course ever. The golf course is considered the most difficult by many.

Course Statistics – 7,181 yards

Par 70/Points – 72.1554

Pine Valley golf course

Place – Clementon, N.J

Discovery – George Crump and H.S. Yearling

Year – 1918

2. Cypress Point Club

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Owning the view of the water line of Pebble Beach, California, Cypress Point Club is the most picturesque golf course in the US. The golf course was developed by the World Golf Hall of Famer, Alister MacKenzie in 1928. It belongs to a group of one of the most beautiful walks. The golf course includes a unique course structure with consecutive par 5s on the front and consecutive par 3s on the back.

Course statistics – 6,524 yards,

Par 72/Points – 69.9692

Cypress Point Club golf course

Place – Stone Beach

Discovery – Alister MacKenzie and Robert Hunter

Year – 1929

3. Shinnecock Hills

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Shinnecock Hills is designed by the talented William Flynn. The golf course is his best design. Based in Southampton, New York, the golf course is famous for its commendable landscape with greenery and roughs. It has facilitated five U.S Opens since the year 1986, with the most recent being in 2018.

Course statistics – 7,445 yards

Par 70/Points – 69.5265

Shinnecock Hills golf course

Place – Southampton, N.Y.

Discovery – William Flynn

Year – 1931

4. Augusta National

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The Augusta National belongs to a group of the most prominent golf courses in the United States. The golf course was launched in the year 1933. It has facilitated the yearly Masters’ Tournament since the year 1934. The course was redesigned for competitiveness, but it still holds its natural beauty.

Course statistics – 7,475 yards

Par 72/Points – 71.8240

Augusta National golf course

Discovery – Alister MacKenzie and Bobby Jones

Year – 1933

5. National Golf Links of America

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National Golf Links golf course was the debut of famous architect Seth Raynor’s career. C.B. McDonald designed the course in such a way that it captures the practices of the grand old British holes. The National Golf Links of America is one of America’s most exclusive golf courses since it was established in the year 1911. It has hosted two Walker competitions. The golf course is considered a strategic masterclass.

Course statistics – 6,935 Yards

Par 72/Points – 67.3821

National Golf Links of America

Place – Southampton, N.Y.

Discovery – C.B. Macdonald

Year – 1911

6. Sand Hills

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Created in 1995 by Bill Coore and Ben Crenshaw, Sand Hills belongs to a group of one of the youngest golf courses. The designers of Sand Hills were inspired by the undulating landscape of Mullen, Nebraska. Incredible consideration was taken to preserve the natural lay of the land and allowed the wind to shape the bunkers.

Course statistics – 7,089 Yards

Par 71/Points – 66.4208

Sand Hills golf course

Place – Mullen, Nebraska

Discovery – Bill Coore and Ben Crenshaw

Year – 1995

7. Oakmont (P.A.) C.C.

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An airborne shot of this golf course appreciates what makes it remarkably playful and challenging. There is a presence of a few trees and water. The golf course boasts bunkers. Wind direction and gusts allow contribution to an important part of this mealiest and flat course, testing all handicaps.

Course statistics – 7,255 Yards

Par 71/Points – 68.9795

Oakmont golf course

Discovery – Henry Fownes

Year – 1903

8. Merion Golf Club (East)

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Image Credits:

Merion golf course is the first of two courses to occupy the club. The Merion East was designed by Hugh Wilson in Ardmore, Pennsylvania, in the year 1912. The golf course offers various difficulties, like creeks, twisting fairways, and an abandoned stone quarry. The course has hosted other U.S. Opens. It has also hosted Bob Jones’ 1930 Grand Slam clincher.

Course statistics – 6,996 Yards

Par 70/Points – 67.6807

Merion Golf Club (East)

Place – Ardmore, Pa.

Discovery – Hugh Wilson

Year – 1912

9. Pebble Beach

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Having a similar fabulous seaside vista, Pebble Beach is more commendable than its neighbor, Cypress Point. It boasts a 75-foot-high bluff over a sea bay. As of late, it hosted the 2019 iteration of the U.S. Open.

Course statistics – 7,075 Yards

Par 72/Points – 67.3575

Pebble Beach golf course

Discovery – Jack Neville and Douglas Grant

Year – 1919

10. Fishers Island

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Situated on an island off the Connecticut coast, this golf course is the work of an architect called Seth Raynor. It is beautiful and challenging in nature. This golf course is defined by geometric greens, steeply banked bunkers, and tumbling terrain. This golf course is balanced by two Redan greens and an elated third-fifth hole stretch.

Course statistics – 6,615 Yards

Par 70/Points – 66.4734

Fishers Island golf course

Discovery – Seth Raynor and Charles Banks

Year – 1926

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