The Luxe Life: Gourmet Junk Food

Husband-and-wife team Simon Tung and Christina Ha pride themselves on creating airy confections in unconventional flavors at their two Macaron Parlour shops in New York City. It’s no wonder, then, that they discovered an ingenious way to turn the delightfully addictive cheese puffs known as Cheetos® into an elegant finger food. Their Cheetos Macaron features a filling bursting with the distinctive flavor (and bright orange color) of the classic snack. Ha and Tung soak bags of Cheetos® in heavy cream for a few hours to sop up the flavor of the cheese puffs. After straining out the Cheetos®, they combine the cream with melted white chocolate and chill the mixture until it’s thick enough to pipe inside the crunchy cookies that complete the confection. Made with an Italian-style meringue, the cookies feature a vibrant orange hue that is achieved via food coloring. The resulting confection is a striking treat that’s lightly sweet and savory — and won’t leave your fingers orange when you’re finished.