The Mark Hotel menu in New York, New York, USA

Stayed at the Mark hotel 12/29/21-1/2/22, took our son for his first trip to NY. On our first night there, we decided to go into the bar to enjoy a cocktail. A male security employee who was standing outside the bar door asked us if we had a reservation which we responded with no then said we only wished to have a drink at the bar. He proceeded to tell us the bar was ?only for hotel guests?. His assumption must have been that we weren?t hotel guests. I?m not sure how he would know such without asking first, which he did not. This was very offensive! We passed this along this the first night & received an apology from guest relations staff with a couple coffee cups the next day.
On our last evening of the trip, we made our way to the bar doors again (which you must go through to get to the hotel restaurant for which we were going to dine)… 2 employees were standing in front of the closed door (1 female hostess with a tablet in hand, another different male security employee). Neither spoke to us. I motioned to the door to get them to allow us in. Then the hostess finally said do you have a reservation and I confirmed, gave her our name etc. She clicked it off her tablet & never said another word. Finally I had to ask if we could go in. She nodded to the security guard that we could go in but neither said a word to us. Beyond rude! I proceeded to go find the manager on duty for the hotel to discuss, who was apologetic verbally & we did receive a dessert we didn’t order at the end of our meal but nobody ever explained it as a token of apology.
Our bathtub drain also did not work properly for 3 days consistently.
We received probably a $100 total in coffee cups/dessert in amends. I do NOT feel this is sufficient when you pay $5000 for a 4 night stay. Customer service should be above and beyond, not rude and offensive.
I did receive an email after I filled out an online survey received from hotel. The response was allow us to upgrade your room next time you stay with us. Unfortunately, enough reparation was not made to us for me to give them another chance.