The Most Expensive Restaurant in Every State


Finding the most expensive restaurant in any given state is actually a little more difficult than one might expect. Even if there are $60 entrees on the menu, there are some spots where you can just order a $12 appetizer and a water and get out paying less than you would at your local Applebee’s. So for today’s purposes, expensive restaurants fall into two categories: those with very pricey entrees and those where the only option is an expensive tasting menu. Big high-end chain steakhouses are not included in the list, in the interest of keeping it local.

Some of the most expensive restaurants in a given state are so outrageously expensive that a dinner for two can cost the same as a MacBook. Some states, on the other hand, just aren’t really home to any outrageously expensive restaurants, so even the priciest spot in the whole state is within the budget of your average Joe.