The Most Jaw-Dropping Rooftop Bars in San Francisco

If you prefer your rooftop bar to be in a Russian bathhouse, then that is very specific, but you’re also in luck. Archimedes Banya is SF’s only authentic Russian bathhouse, where you wander (with clothing or without) among pools, the cold plunge, and saunas to steam and sweat before heading off to the full-service spa where you can get scrubbed and massaged. But this isn’t about spa treatments; it’s about places you can drink on roofs, which is totally something you can also do here. This place has an outdoor rooftop lounge called Zteamer’s with views of SF, the Bay Bridge, and Mount Diablo, lots of sunshine (because: Bayview), wine, beer, and a food menu with caviar, perogies, and borsch. We should probably note that you’ll need to wear a robe at the cafe.
How to enjoy: The full price of admission is required to get in ($47 to $75 depending on how long you want to stay), so it’s probably not worth it unless you’re taking advantage of all of the services. You can walk in to enjoy the facilities, but a reservation is required for packages and services.