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In an era of dizzying change, high technology, and
planned obsolescence, collecting and


restaurant ware

is a way of embracing these everyday objects that
embody the values of quality and endurance…
The cup


the china form with which the user relates most


We actively hold them in our hands, experiencing their
feel. We lift them to our lips, repeatedly


their form
and decoration up close …
I view this kind of china as mid-century




— Steve Aimone

I really can’t explain why I find the restaurant coffee cup
so compelling; perhaps Prof. Steve Aimone’s explanation is
the best one. It is an American art form that harkens back
to a simpler era; it is a craft to which one relates in a
very intimate manner. Moreover, the coffee cup’s
sturdiness is somehow reflective of the
comforting nature of what it contains.

I hope you enjoy my online gallery of vintage restaurant
coffee cups.

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