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Finally! I made it out to Phoenix, Arizona (to Melrose District to be exact) for a little brunch with my BFF. We went back and forth on a place to try and landed on Valentine.


This is one of the best “newer” brunch spots in Phoenix, Arizona! For Sure!

Best Brunch in Phoenix

About Valentine:

Valentine opened in December 2020, which makes them a fairly new restaurant on the block and especially having been opened during the “panorama” (a.k.a. pandemic). Upon arriving, we immediately notice the super cool Mid-century vibe to the space. Every corner is an Instagram girl’s dream come true.

We went around 11:30 AM or so on a Saturday. Which is definitely their prime time, the line was long but everything moved quickly. We didn’t have a hard time getting a table but if you prefer to be away from the crowd then I would avoid that time.

The Food:

Ohhhh where do I start? If I’m being honest, I really went into Valentine thinking it’s just another aesthetically pleasing spot where the ambiance mattered more than the food. If you know what I mean BUT WOW, did they prove me WRONG.

I started off with their Chiltepin Shakirito from the specialty menu and loved every sip. It’s like if you took a very well-made mocha and married it to some spice. Just. Pure. Perfection. As for the food, my BFF and I decided to share the Valentine Burger and Avocado Toast. Both did not disappoint.

Their avocado toast is not like every other avocado toast out there. Something about the charred squash toast, perfectly seasoned smashed avocado, Chula smoked trout, and delicate arrangements of watermelon radishes topped with corn nuts just come together beautifully. She’s gorgeous and she’s got substance!!

But wait, when you thought I couldn’t be any more impressed. LOL The BURGER! If you can only order one thing off their “savory” menu section, I would say this is it! The squash bun, the patty, the pickles, and how many more ingredients can I name to just get to the point of…ITS MAGIC! First bite and I wanted to walk off with the plate. Don’t worry, I didn’t. I shared it as promised haha.

Video Highlights of Valentine in Phoenix, AZ:

Check out my video to see the highlights of this restaurant:

What to order at Valentine:

We loved loved loved everything we tasted. Here’s what we ordered and would recommend:

  • Avocado Toast
  • Valentine Burger
  • Vanilla Corn Capuccino
  • Chiltepin Shakerito

valentines brunch 3 panthereatsvalentine brunch 4 panthereats


Valentine is located in the Melrose district in Phoenix. They are positioned in front of Modern Manor, a furniture store. Here is the address:

Address: 4130 N. 7th Avenue Phoenix, AZ 85013

Check out their website for more information here!

Final Thoughts

Valentine definitely took me by surprise. I didn’t expect it to be as good as it was. The food was incredible. Really! There’s a balance in flavor and textures here that is hard to achieve (this goes for both food and coffee). The service was good. My only concern is parking for the next time I visit. Haha. I never have good luck with parking so that’s my problem more than theirs.

I hope you give them a try. It’s definitely worth a visit.

Love, Panther!

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