The Nordic – Phantom Gourmet

Deep in the woods of Charlestown, Rhode Island, overlooking a picturesque lake flanked by fire pits and farm animals, there’s a one of a kind restaurant with a buffet that’s simply mind-blowing. The Nordic is a family owned and operated destination where a meal is almost mythological. We’re talking unlimited lobster. Alaskan King Crab. Black Angus steaks. Cakes, pies, and ice cream sundaes. All together, there are more than a hundred high end items, and that’s only part of the entire Nordic experience.

Steve Persson: “Well, there’s three things we have to offer. You have grounds, you have food, and you have staff. The people that work here have a lot of heart in this place. They’re very proud of it.”

Karly Macglaflin: “It means a lot. We’re fourth generation. You see everyone coming in up that walkway, a smiles on their faces, and when they’re leaving they also, they’re, they’re overjoyed with their whole experience here.”

Kyle Log: “You know, it’s been a successful business for, since 1963, and we have a great family. We have real strong values, and we’re very close.”

Steve Persson: “I want to hit their every sense. I want them to see, hear, feel and smell all wonderful things. From butter, to lobsters, to cakes, to every single thing. We only use the best. Naturally it’s expensive, we have to charge for it, but we find that the customers that come here do not mind paying, providing, they’re getting the top quality in every area. People that come here don’t only like it, they vow to come back. I have people that come from Vegas. That live in Vegas that come here for our buffet, and they say it blows the doors off the Strip.”

Karly Macglaflin: “You don’t really understand it until you come here and experience it for yourself.”