The Old Mill Restaurant Gluten-Free – Pigeon Forge – 2022

Family decided to eat here while on vacation.
I am celiac and have a dairy allergy. I was very nervous about eating here based on the reviews and things I’ve seen online. (ie. Rude/Unknowledgeable waiters, limited food options, cross contamination and so on)
But I wanted to leave a newer review to help anyone coming in 2020 and beyond!
My waiter was very kind about my diet restrictions and automatically made any substitutions she could.
(Example: she brought me a beef and veggie stew to eat while my family ate the traditional corn chowder)
While the menu is limited, there are some options.
I ordered the grilled chicken on a bed of rice. (Because of my dairy allergy we asked to make sure it wasn’t cooked with butter as well as any possible gluten contamination)
Our waitress was very knowledgeable and accommodating to these requests and I was so relieved.
Dining out can be so stressful and sometimes scary with any dietary restrictions and while Old Mill is not a designated gluten friendly restaurant, I will say they did a good job of accommodating all that they could to insure my safety. ??
I got the grilled chicken and rice. They brought me a bowl of fruit to substitute for mashed potatoes since they have dairy and I could have the green beans!
Full and satisfied.
So thankful! God bless, happy dining. ?