The Palm Court | The Plaza Hotel New York

Re-launched in 2014 the iconic Palm Court at The Plaza with a complete renovation helmed by Master Architect Thierry Despont. The menu showcases classic American fare from morning to evening, and while staying true to its original design intent, Despont has brought the grand feeling of Central Park indoors, with garden elements such as caning, large potted plants, four soaring palm trees and an oval trellised bar anchoring the room, creating an ambiance that feels warm, private and glamorous. Bespoke furnishings provide a relaxed, yet elegant setting well-suited for either a professional breakfast meeting or an evening of cocktails crafted by mixologist Brian Van Flandern. Afternoon Tea truly shines as well with custom tableware and china, a tea list with worldly depth, and of course, a bit of Eloise too. This elegant room marked with its stained glass dome and impressive height adds a touch of old New York to a very polished and modern sense of hospitality.


• Newly renovated by Master Architect Thierry Despont
• Mixologist Brian Van Flandern has revisited the classic cocktails of the past century while showcasing the current golden age of craft cocktails
• Enclosed in the center of the magnificent lobby
• Large Groups can be accommodated for Breakfast, Lunch, Afternoon Tea and Cocktails


Semi Private areas can accommodate groups as intimate as 20 guests up to 70 seated and 100 standing Full Buy-Out for up to 100 seated or 350 standing


For private event reservations, please contact
or ring (212) 546-5464.