The Palm Will Close After More Than 30 Years In Dallas

After more than 30 years of serving swanky steaks, Dallas’ outpost of The Palm is calling it quits.

The restaurant announced its closure, planned for later this month, in an email to its most dedicated customers. “We’ve come to the decision that it is no longer viable for us to operate a restaurant at this location,” read the statement. “We will be closing the doors of The Palm Dallas permanently on June 30th. This is a decision that was very difficult for us. Recent events, however, have left us concerned for the safety and welfare of our valued customers and staff.”

The statement doesn’t elaborate on those “safety and welfare” concerns, but the West End has seen its fair share of robberies, drug use, and violent altercations. In early 2016, former Dallas Observer writer Eric Nicholson described the area’s nearby DART stop as Dallas’ “Crime Central Station.”

In a tweet, Dallas City Councilman Philip Kingston, whose district encompasses the West End, calls The Palm’s assertions “complete bullsh.” “They’ve been talking about leaving for at least 2 years, Kingston tweeted. “And they never mentioned crime nor called the city about it.”

The closure of The Palm could also just be a sign of the times. High-end steakhouses are aplenty in Dallas, and diners are increasingly looking for more affordable, less fancy dining options. Maybe the restaurant is concerned for its patrons’ safety, but it likely has also seen a significant downturn in patronage over the last decade or so.

In case you’re feeling nostalgic, The Palm will be open at its current location until June 30. The chain is looking for a new Dallas location, but it’s unclear whether or not this steakhouse relic will ever return.