The Pizza Company Thailand Unveils New Pizza That’s Just 100% Crust

New non-pizza pizza

If you thought pineapples on pizza are an anomaly, wait till you find out about the latest offering by The Pizza Company franchise. On 28th January 2021, they proudly unveiled the Double Cheese Burger Crust, which comprises mini cheese burgers merged into a circular crust.

Mini cheese ring

The Pizza Company Unveils New Pizza With No Pizza - Cheese stuffing Cheese stuffing
Image credit: กินหนม

This non-pizza pizza features 12 mini cheese burgers and it comes in one size, M for medium. The crust on the pizza can’t be modified, unlike its other menu offerings.

The Pizza Company Unveils New Pizza With No Pizza - two sauces

Double Cheese Burger Crust sauces
Image credit: Fatzone

The sauce comes in two flavours, tomato mustard sauce and ketchup. This novelty item is exclusively available until 23rd February 2021, or till they’ve run out of stock.

The Pizza Company Unveils New Pizza With No Pizza - The Pizza CompanyImage credit: The Pizza Company 1112

You can order it online via their website or on their app, The Pizza Company application. This crusted cheesiness costs only ฿189 (~USD $6.30).

A new food combo to try

We are not sure if this non-pizza pizza will take off. But it does seem like a good late-night snack for a ‘Netflix and chill’ type of evening.

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Featured images adapted from: แดก, Siam Zone

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