The Porch Restaurant

It’s Always Porch Season.

By definition, “A restaurant is a business that prepares and serves food and drinks to customers.”, at The Porch Restaurant, we strive to go beyond the basics and bring guests devine foods, made fresh, brought in daily and prepared specifically for them; using top-quality ingredients. Our purpose is to give our guests the best food and service we possibly can, within the time they spend with them. Being only open from July 2nd 2021, until now, the restaurant has continued to explore avenues to make sure there is always something new and tasty on the menu. 

The restaurant’s menu has something for everyone. Featuring vegetarian, gluten-Free and dairy-free, Options for those with preferences, intolerances and allergies. This moves into even the draft beers; showcasing the ‘Strawberry Orange Mimosa Ale’, which is GMO and gluten-free. Nothing says patio, like this bright sunshine in a glass.