The Rice Box

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Our customers come from all walks of life but what they share in common is a desire for a great Chinese takeout bar where they can enjoy a Craft beer or a nitrogen-infused tea. There’s never any rush – the Rice Box is a destination in itself, where we provide the set and the food and you literally become part of the action.

At the Rice Box, you’ll find modern Chinese takeout that pays homage to the original chefs of Chinatown, who demonstrated that it was possible to create exceptionally tasty food with flair and artistry that makes it accessible to everyone. Since our humble roots as a Chinese takeout food truck, we’ve committed to bring our vision of Chinatown to you and will continue to do so, as we expand further.

So whether you’re inspired by the underground feel to our restaurant or you just want the best Chinese takeout you’ve ever eaten, we look forward to serving you an experience like no other. Come for the food and the atmosphere, and you’ll also get an otherworldly experience.