The Simone

The Simone has closed its lovely doors, and we are both eagerly wondering what will come next for Chip and Tina. My talented team are already at work at amazing spots in the city, so that is one worry off of my overflowing brain!

We are re-discovering our wonderful city, strolling in and out of neighborhoods, Chip always with his camera(s)! Grilling out, going to the many Greenmarkets, reading, and, admittedly, sleeping way too much. Probably just making up for all of those 80-hour work weeks. Of course, we never saw it as “work.” Taking care of all of you was a soulful joy for us.

This particular website will organically expire in the next few weeks. But do keep ears and eyes to the spirits that surround all of you and hope for our return, somewhere, but not yet knowing where! An adventure in trust and believe.

Remember to always take good care of yourself and those around you. Send those good vibrations upwards and outwards. Everyone needs to feel the global hug.

–Tina and Chip
aka/the Simone