The Sims 4: All Restaurant Cheats (Dine Out)

Running a restaurant is hard enough without having to control the behaviors and relationships of multiple people behind a computer screen. Luckily, unlike real life, The Sims 4 has workarounds for making a three-star Michelin eating establishment. Here is everything you need to know about all restaurant cheats (dine out) in The Sims 4.

All Restaurant Cheats (Dine Out) in The Sims 4

Like any other cheat in the game, you’ll need to make sure testing cheats is on. In order to turn it on, press CTRL, Shift, and C to bring up the search bar. Next, you need to type “testingcheats on”, simply without the apostrophes. Pressing enter signifies that testing cheats is now on.

Now that you can activate cheats, press CTRL + Shift + C to open the search bar once again. Below you’ll find every specific cheat the game has for the Dine Out portion of the game:

  • Additional Chef: bucks.unlock_perk AdditionalChef true
  • Additional Waiter #1: bucks.unlock_perk AdditionalWaiter_1 true
  • Additional Waiter #2: bucks.unlock_perk AdditionalWaiter_2 true
  • Curious Customers: bucks.unlock_perk RecommendDishSocial true
  • Curiouser Customers: bucks.unlock_perk RecommendDishFrequency true
  • Fast Eaters: bucks.unlock_perk EatFaster true
  • Ingredient Quality Options: bucks.unlock_perk IngredientQualityOptions true
  • Inspirational Speech: bucks.unlock_perk InspirationalSpeechSocial true
  • Large Ingredient Discount: bucks.unlock_perk CheaperIngredients_2 true
  • Lower Employee Training Cost: bucks.unlock_perk LowerEmployeeTrainingCost true
  • Meal Rush: bucks.unlock_perk MoreCustomers true
  • Patient Patrons: bucks.unlock_perk LengthenImpatienceTimeout true
  • Surplus Harvest: bucks.unlock_perk IngredientCostDiscount true
  • Small Ingredient Discount: bucks.unlock_perk CheaperIngredients_1 true
  • The Chef’s Hat: bucks.unlock_perk ChefsHat true
  • Tidy Tippers: bucks.unlock_perk RiskFreeMarkup true
  • Well Funded Foodies: bucks.unlock_perk ExpensiveOrders true
  • Well Managed: bucks.unlock_perk LowerChanceBadEvents_Small true

That is everything you need to know about all restaurant cheats (dine out) in The Sims 4. If you need any other cheats, be sure to check out the other guides on the site.

We’ve included a few below to get you started: