The Top 3 Gloucester Restaurants for Seafood Lovers – Gloucester Travel Guide

During your vacation, you should make a point to dine in some of the popular Gloucester restaurants. Gloucester is a preferred destination among food lovers in Massachusetts, and it has many great restaurants that serve fresh and delectable seafood. If you are a seafood lover, it is highly recommended that you visit these 3 Gloucester restaurants.

1) The Gloucester House
63 Rogers Street
Gloucester, Massachusetts 01930
(978) 283-1812

The Gloucester House is known as one of the premier seafood restaurants in the state of Massachusetts. This restaurant was established in 1958, and it is responsible for popularizing the favorite New England dish, fried calamari. It specializes in serving lobster and other seafood dishes, and most of its dishes are prepared with traditional New England recipes. On the menu, you can find delectable dishes such as hot-boiled New England lobster, Gloucester House Lobster Special, Gloucester House Baked Haddock, nut and honey crusted salmon, baked seafood casserole, broiled fresh sea scallops, Captain Mike’s Platter and others. Besides seafood, the restaurant also has a wide variety of beef and poultry dishes. For dessert, you can opt for the famous homemade grapenut custard, apple crisp, locally-churned ice cream or chocolate walnut cake.

The Gloucester House is located at the historic Seven Sea Wharf, which is one of the oldest wharves in the United States. After your meal, you should spend some time exploring the wharf before you return to your Gloucester bed and breakfast.

2) The Madfish Grille
77 Rocky Neck Avenue
Gloucester, Massachusetts 01930
(978) 281-4554

If you want to try waterfront dining, one of the Gloucester restaurants that you must visit is The Madfish Grille. This restaurant is located in the Art Colony of Gloucester, and it offers spectacular views of Smith Cove. Its relaxing atmosphere and friendly staff provide the ideal setting for casual dining. Some of its popular dishes include the scampi style shrimp bowl, New England baked haddock, boiled lobster, grilled Scottish salmon, Manhattan seafood stew, seared scallop cabonara and others. All the dishes that are served in this restaurant are reasonably priced. Madfish Grille also has a bar that features live music during the weekends.

3) Lobsta Land Restaurant
84 Causeway Street
Gloucester, Massachusetts 01930
(978) 281-0415

Lobsta Land Restaurant has been a local favorite since it was established in the 1980s. This restaurant specializes in American and Italian seafood, but it also serves dishes from other countries around the world. It prides itself in quality food and excellent service, and it offers good value for your money. Some of the items on the menu that you should try include the New England clam chowder, coconut-battered shrimp, Lobsta Land Bouillabaise, pan-seared lump crab cakes, sautéed shrimp Provencal, beer-battered schrod, Portuguese-style haddock, grilled diver scallops with Madra curry and others. The restaurant also has steaks and meat dishes, burgers and sandwiches, and a number of fried and broiled dinners.

The Lobsta Land Restaurant is very popular among the locals, and you may have to wait in line to get seated. It is recommended that you call the restaurant to make reservations before you leave your Gloucester inn.