The top 6 online LSAT prep programs, including one that’s completely free

  • The LSAT tests skills needed in law school, from logical reasoning to persuasive writing.
  • The best online LSAT prep courses can cost anywhere from $0 to $2,148, all with different features. 
  • We outlined 6 of the best LSAT programs below, comparing cost, score-increase guarantees, and more.

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The LSAT is designed to assess the most important skills required for succeed in law school, including critical reading, analytical reasoning, logical reasoning, and persuasive writing skills. The Law School Admission Council (LSAC) — which creates and administers the LSAT — uses data from a survey of faculty at about 90 ABA-approved law schools to determine what those skills are and then format each year’s LSAT to best measure them.

So, spending 20 hours per week re-learning algebra or how to interpret graphs would be a poor use of a prospective law student’s time. Instead, you’re better off strengthening deductive and inductive reasoning skills and learning how to organize evidence into a cogent written argument.

Prospective law students can find free LSAT preparation tools online, or pay up to $2,148 for a course that provides structure and advantages such as one-on-one tutoring and support from top LSAT scorers. Most programs, like The Princeton Review and LSAT Max, offer money-back guarantees tied to a certain score improvement (with conditions attached). 

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The prep course you choose depends upon variables such as budget, schedule, and what your starting score and goal score are. Below, you can find a few of the most popular LSAT prep options available online, and a short rundown of what you can expect to pay and receive from each.

The 6 best online LSAT prep programs: