The World Famous Jekyll & Hyde Club – New York’s only haunted restaurant and bar for eccentric explorers and mad scientists, where guests can eat and drink among the unusual and the bizarre.


It’s a strange brew, no doubt. Yet, the brews to be explored on the monstrous menu, will impress the most travelled of beer lovers. Draughts from England include Bass, Double Diamond, John Courage, Newcastle Brown and Watneys. Scotland is represented by McEwan’s and Ireland by Harp, Murphy’s and the incomparable Guinness.

American draught beers include Anchor Steam, Rolling Rock, Samuel Adams and Lord Chesterfield and there are draught beers from Australia, Holland, Germany, Canzada and Czechoslovakia. All are served in traditional English Yards and Half-Yards. Weather permitting, try one outside at the Sidewalk Café.

The variety of bottled beers beggars description. From Britain comes the rare Thomas Hardy’s Ale, Old Peculiar, Mackesons and fifteen other bottled brews. The best beers of Germany, France, Holland, Denmark, Norway, Italy, Belgium, Switzerland, Canada, Brazil, Mexico, the Caribbean, Australia and the Far East have been hunted down. And naturally, there is a carnival of 52 American beers, spanning the alphabet from Anchor to Yuengling Porter, one of the finest collections of brews available in any one hostelry anywhere in the world.