The Yojik Website

Welcome to the Yojik Website

This site is dedicated to language learners. You will find
here the FSI, DLI and Peace-Corps courses. I wrote some tutorials
to help learners to import vocabulary lists, to digitalize
documents into modifiable content, to record lists of
words/phrases. I rebuilt the defunt Shtooka website, so the
content is not lost. A copy of the shtooka collections and
programs is also kept here.

The FSI and the Peace-Corps parts are finished, and DLI is
on the way, other parts too. Don’t forget to report bad links.
Thank you.

The translation of the site in French, Russian and German is
on the way. French is pretty advanced. Translation of the first
page in German done (thanks yabbes!)

The pages in other languages are not in sync … sorry

The Old
fsi-language Website » (NOT maintained any more …)