These 11 Online Courses Make Learning From the Couch a Breeze

First-rate resources for taking online courses have been around for a while, but the onset of the coronavirus and self-isolating measures have brought the brilliant convenience of virtual classes to the forefront of quarantine activities. The pandemic has forced people to get savvy about how to keep busy, stay sharp, and make the most of time at home—and taking an online class or two (even earning a new degree or certification!) is never a bad plan. It couldn’t be more convenient or, in many cases, more affordable.

Available websites for taking online classes range widely in topics, format, prices (though many are free), and personalization. For instance, find one-off, expert-guided career development sessions through LinkedIn Learning; dive deep into academic subjects from poetry to physics by taking real university courses via edX or Coursera; or maybe brush up on your macroeconomics know-how with Khan Academy lessons. All of this at your own pace and on your own time.

Whether your budget is large or nonexistent, your pursuits scholarly or practical, there’s definitely something out there for you. When you’re ready to learn something new or expand your career path, look to these 11 websites for incredible virtual courses—no application, commute, or classroom required.