Thien Huong Restaurant – 727 N Broadway, Los Angeles, California, US – Zaubee

Here are some reviews from our users.

“I’m sorry but chicken should not be that stringy and tough. I am suspicious of their very smelly chicken sandwich. The boba they serve me had some brown grease in it. Good service but bad food.”

“small family owned been here for years always good food and open 9am for that tasty breakfast pho , banh coun is best fresh warm rolled- good size serving – glad still there – authentic dishes – taste! closed on Monday – will return for more / inside seating limited all good! back for more banh cuon cha loua”

“Great service! All staff was very kind. Huge selection of Pho and Banh Mi! Tried the BBQ Pork and BBQ Beef Banh Mi. Tasted amazing! I’d recommend the pork, as it’s a little more tender and sweet.”

“Little hidden gem tugged into Chinatown Los Angeles. Please plan accordingly, they are family run restaurant. Please don’t tell them I sent you and tip them well. They are there to serve the community.”

“I love eating Pho here then ordering sandwiches to go for later. Both are really good. They are a small restaurant but they can handle a lot of business. The food is just so good and you don’t need to know the language to order. Edit::They also have Boba drinks. Don’t be surprised by the QR code to review the complete menu.”