This Is Chicago’s Best Italian Restaurant | iHeart

Chicago is known around the world for serving some of the best Italian-style cuisine. There is one Italian restaurant in particular that is rated as the best in the city, and their lasagna is nothing short of amazing.

According to Chicago Favorites, the best Italian restaurant in Chicago is Ciccio Mio located off of West Kinzie Street. Ciccio Mio is especially known for their lasagna, but also serve a very popular parmesan chicken. Following closely behind Ciccio Mio is La Scarola, Nonnina, and Formento’s.

Here is what Chicago Favorites had to say about the best Italian restaurant in the city:

“If you’ve ever dined at Gilt or Bavette’s, you would know how the chefs treat food. The same duo runs Ciccio Mio. They value and serve pasta with great honor and pride. They present Italian cuisine with a lot of respect. That is why it deserves to be on our list of the best Italian restaurants in Chicago. Ciccio Mio has garnered a lot of attention and fame in a short time. Besides, the restaurant itself is not that big, and it is trendy among the locals. Therefore, yes! You will have to make a reservation far ahead of time. Even that might not be enough since the waiting period could be very long.”