This Isn’t Typical Plane Food: Dining At The Airplane Restaurant In Colorado Springs

The airplane itself, which was first designed during WWII, is a piece of history, and the incredible food served inside is just the cherry on top.

No one needs more reasons to visit Colorado Springs. It is already famous as one of the most beautiful cities in America. It is located at the base of the Rocky Mountains and the base of Pikes Peak (See here for exploring the Rocky Mountains on board the scenic Rocky Mountaineer). It is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Colorado. And unlike Comedy Central’s South Park, it has far fewer world-ending crises, it is not perpetually winter, nor are the smartest folks in town from the elementary school.


One of the more unusual dining options in this stunning city is the rather descriptively named The Airplane Restuarant. Famously the restaurant incorporates a whole Boeing KC-97 Stratotanker into its restaurant. The menu is also affordable so one can bring the whole family to enjoy an unforgettable dining experience in an unforgettable setting.

About The Boeing KC-97 Stratotanker

The Boeing KC-97 Stratofreighter was an American strategic tanker aircraft designed in the latter days of the Second World War. It was preceded by the C-97 Stratofreighter and succeeded by the KC-135 Stratotanker. Today around 7 are thought to be airworthy according to the FAA registry and are privately owned in the state of Wyoming.

The predecessor of the Boeing KC-97 Stratofreighter first flew on November 15, 1944, and was designed as the first long-range transport.

Concerning the history of this particular KC-97, it nearly had to ditch in the Atlantic as the pilots couldn’t find the Portuguese Azores (but of course they managed to find the island eventually before running out of fuel). This type of aircraft is also one of the largest piston aircraft ever built by Boeing.

The Airplane Restuarant is built in a fully intact Boeing KC-97 tanker and was used as a refueling tanker in the US Air Force. In 2002 the aircraft was transformed from feeding other aircraft to feeding people as it was transformed into one of the most preeminent aviation restaurants in the United States.

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  • Covid-19 Restrictions: As At The Time Of Writing They Are Open For 50% Indoor Seating From 11.00 am to 8.00 pm
  • Age: Built In 1953
  • Number Of Seats: Restaurant Seating For 42 Dining Passenger
  • Total Seats: 275 Seats In The Whole Restaurant
  • Normal Opening Hours: 11:00 am to 9:00 pm (Hours May Have Changed Due To The Pandemic)
  • Address: 1665 N. Newport Rd., Colorado Springs
  • Specials: According To Their Website Their Specials Are “Coming Soon”

The Airplane Restaurant also caters for parties and events. They can accommodate anything from casual get-togethers to formal functions.

The Airplane Restaurant Menu

The restaurant offers both lunch and dinner menus mostly selling typical American cuisine. They offer steak and ribs, seafood and chicken, pasta, more. Examples of their meals include:

  • Black Angus Top Sirloin: Seasoned And Flame-Broiled To Your Liking. $19.99
  • Baby Back Ribs: Slow Roasted and Basted With Homemade Sweet and Tangy BBQ. Half Rack $17.99, Full Rack $21.99
  • Buffalo Steak: Less Fat, Calories, and Cholesterol Than Turkey Or Chicken: $26.99
  • Deep-Fried Shrimp: Golden Brown And Served With Cocktail Sauce. $16.99
  • Salmon Neptune: Grilled Fresh North Atlantic Salmon, Stuffed With Lobster And Shrimp Stuffing And Finished with Hollandaise $19.99

  • Catfish & Hushpuppies: Catfish And 3 Hushpuppies. Blackened Or Deep Fried. $17.99
  • Baked Spaghetti: Loaded With Sausage, Peppers, Onions, Mozzarella and Ricotta Cheese, Fresh Basil, and their Famous Marinara. $16.99
  • Wings, Wings: A Pound of Buffalo Style Wings Tossed. Served With Carrots, Celery Sticks, and Ranch for Dipping. Choice of House Wings or Stevie’s Spicy Teriyaki Hot Wings $11.49
  • Beer: A Choice of Goose Island IPA, Coors Light, Laughing Lab, Fat Tire, Blue Moon, And Guinness

These are only a few options from their dinner menu, to see their full lunch and dinner menus with all the sides, starters, and other options see here.

While it may not be the reason one will drive halfway across the continent if one is in Colorado, then certainly pop in for the experience!

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They are also available for catering for those enamored with their all-American dinner menu. For those interested contact them via email on their website.

Plenty To See And Do In Colorado Springs

There are many other attractions in and around Colorado Springs and the surrounding Rocky Mountains. It is said to be home to more than 55 attractions and activities. It is one of the places to go in the United States that will not break a budget. Some of the other things to see and do while here include:

  • Cheyenne Mountain Zoo
  • The Garden of the Gods
  • The National Museum of World War II Aviation
  • Hiking – Including The Manitou Incline And Many Other Hikes Throughout The North Cheyenne Canon Park (Hiking is a Must In this Region)

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