This Pirate-Themed Restaurant In Texas Is Everything You Could Wish For And More

This Pirate-Themed Restaurant In Texas Is Everything You Could Wish For And More

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When it comes to unique restaurants, Texas surely doesn’t disappoint. From an underwater-themed eatery to several eccentric dining establishments, there are tons of restaurants in the Lone Star State that aren’t your everyday, run-of-the-mill chains. One such place is Pirate’s Landing in Port Isabel. It’s a – you guessed it – pirate-themed restaurant with Jolly Rogers flying high overhead, cannons, and even a life-sized ship replica! Keep scrolling to see it for yourself.

Pirate's Landing is more than a restaurant; it's an unforgettable experience for the whole family. In addition to dining, there's also a fishing pier and replica of a 17th century galleon ship!


The interior is decorated to the nines to really aide in the illusion that you're on board a real pirate vessel. Kiddos will love operating the giant steering wheel and pretending the trajectory of the ship on the wide open sea rests in their hands.
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Sails, ropes, Jolly Rogers, and other paraphernalia hang from the walls and ceiling all throughout the dining area.
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The restaurant's close proximity to Port Isabel's historic lighthouse amplifies the mystery and allure tenfold. Gazing out the window at the towering landmark while you enjoy your meal helps paint a mental picture of real pirates traversing the very waters you're sitting on.
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And what would a pirate ship be without a sturdy, powerful cannon? Little ones will love feeling like the king or queen of the high seas as they play around with this replica.
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The food is definitely something to write home about. You've never had seafood quite this fresh – not a hard fact to believe considering it's caught just feet away from your table! Even if you don't like fish, everything from salads to steak can be found on the menu. No matter what you order, you won't be disappointed – by the food or the ambiance.
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Right across the water is Pirate's Fishing Pier, the longest pier in Texas. There's a tackle and bait shop on-site as well as rental poles and a snack bar – everything you need for a successful fishing excursion!
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Pirate’s Landing is located at 110 N Garcia St, Port Isabel, TX 78578.

Have you ever eaten here? Are there any other themed restaurants in Texas that deserve to be mentioned? Let us know!