This Superhero-Themed Cafe Is Bringing Marvel & DC Universes Together | LBB

At the newly opened Super Heroes Cafe in Aundh, it doesn’t matter whether you’re a DC or a Marvel fan. This quaint little eatery, opposite D-Mart has merged both the universes and the outcome is terrific. Imagine one of the walls being covered up with a humongous poster of the Original Avengers while another wall is transformed into a 3D depiction of the Gotham city. Joker, on the other hand, sits outside the cafe with his cynical rin and murderous posture.

The colours inside the cafe are peppy and bright. There are posters and superhero bobbleheads everywhere. The corners of the cafe are occupied with Spiderman and Hulk installations that look as if they are coming out of the walls. What’s more? Even the ceiling fans are cladded in superhero prints – something we never imagined to see.

The menu looks like a hardbound comic book and every dish is named after a character. Expect everything from a Green Lantern Pasta Carbonara to a Super Man Pizza, Wonder Woman Cocktail and more. The most interesting part is that the dishes will have superhero cheese cut-outs and will be presented in trays that can either look like the Captain America shield or the Batmobile.

We loved our Captain A and Batman Begins burgers. The chicken patty was crispy and juicy and the onions were caramelized to perfection. Order a side of cheese nuggets with jalapeno and mayonnaise dip to compliment your meal. For drinks, must try the Aquaman’s blue sea, a minty fresh mocktail made of Sprite, blue Curacao and lemon juice.