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Tickets Restaurant Barcelona

Tickets is the brainchild of Albert and Ferran Adria (the brothers behind El Bulli), and is a new concept in Tapas bars located on Av. del Paraŀlel, an area traditionally known for its theaters, music halls and performing arts..

Tickets draws from this tradition with a fun atmosphere and totally informal décor, do not be expecting to eat with cutlery: here you eat with your hands or with all we have on the table: the famous clamps, which can be purchased as a souvenir (for about 18 euros). Everything tastes different to how it appears and eating is fun.

However to enjoy the experience at Tickets Barcelona you have to book well in advance given the abundant demand for people who want enjoy “El Bulli Tapas” and to the practical impossibility of achieving a reservation at El Bulli, considered for many years the world’s best restaurant and which closed its doors in 2011.

Overall Tickets Barcelona is part of the concept of gastro-art so many great chefs have joined lately: dedicated to contemporary covers and includes six mini-spaces, each with a bar behind which the cooks create sublime dishes.

Address: Av. del Paraŀlel 164,  08015 Barcelona

Hours: Tuesday to Saturday from 19-23:00h. Sunday 13-15:00h. Closed on Monday.

Food: Signature, Tapas

Avg. Price: 55€

Specialty / Recommendations: Oysters with Pearl and lettuce juice. Galician natural with fried clams. Navajas natural ginger, cayenne and lemon air. Xuxi nectar cod with tomato and black olives. Air Joselito Iberian bacon baguette. Artichoke powder natural crunchy ham. Candied potatoes in olive oil with juice cooked pork chop and ham..

Environment: Preferred, Casual, Current, are fashionable.

Features: Michelin Star (*) Gastrobar, Great chefs (brothers Adrià).

Cards: Visa, MasterCard, ServiRed.