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The most famous tapas bar in Barcelona! With the celebrated three-star restaurant “elBulli” now defunct, Ferran Adrià’s avant-garde cuisine lives on in the shape of tapas. Since 2011, Adrià has run the “Tickets” restaurant together with his brother Albert and the Iglesias family. They serve great cuisine at very reasonable prices.

The restaurant has become a victim of its own success, being booked solid on most weekends. But you may reserve a table up to 60 days in advance via the restaurant’s homepage.

In the summer of 2011, “elBulli”, which may well have been the world’s most famous restaurant, went out of business. Ferran Adrià’s cuisine survives in Barcelona in the form of tapas. From the outside, the bar looks more like a cinema. Posters advertise the film being shot here: “La Vida Tapa” – life, a tapa. You cross the red carpet on your way to the ticket booth above which there is a bright sign saying “Tickets.” However, it’s not tickets that you buy here. The doorman will admit no one without a reservation. Inside, an open kitchen, several bars and stands. Guests are seated on garden chairs or at high tables. It took us a while to work our way through the rather complicated menu. For starters, we ordered tapas marked “elBulli.” We could not get enough of the delicious olives and peanuts, and ordered another round. The artichoke bottoms with quail egg and salmon roe as well as the filled cornet with tatar of tuna certainly hit the spot. Beautiful to look at and a further highlight tastewise: “Buey de Mar”, a cannellono made from avocado filled with prawn meat. Next we tried a helping of deliciously marinated goose liver. Winding things up, we had warm almond pastry, soft on the inside, and raspberry sherbet. Each course was a delight – and our palates did several somersault in the course of the evening. A great destination for food aficionados. Closed on: Sundays and Mondays