Timber Point Golf Course

Weekdays – 7 AM to 5:45 PM
Weekends – 6 AM to 5:45 PM
Twilight Rate – 2 PM

  • No $100 bills accepted in first hour of business. 

  • No Green Keys sold before 9 AM. 

  • No Club Rentals.     

Wait Time: – Avoid calls to pro shop, Click – don’t even have to log in, (smart phone users tap small green box in upper right after page loads), select course and number of players, click search, than scroll down to view and get idea on next available tee time.  Also be sure to update your bookmark as its a different site than last year. 

Daily Course Info 
Irrigation will be on at any given time – please give way to the grounds crew during these drought conditions.  

Thursday, Aug 18th:    
Red to Blue – Closed all day due to outings.  
9 Hole White Course  – Opens after 9 AM.                        
Replace or sand fill divots, repair ball marks, rake bunkers, pick-up broken tees and use trash receptacles.  

Cancellation Link:
Click – Note if you cannot find confirmation email that was sent when you booked, check your spam folder.  If you have an account, log in as it gives additional options, the cancel tee time link is under the search tab.