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If you’re reading this, chances are you’re looking to find an African restaurant in Atlanta to satisfy your cravings or for other purposes. If that really sounds like you, you’re definitely on the right page. This article consists of 10 African restaurants in Atlanta, where you can get the best African foods that you crave for. Also, some of these restaurants have a serene environment for relaxation and hosting of mini parties. Check them out:

10 Leading African Restaurants in Atlanta

1. Bamba Cuisine

This is one of the top African restaurants in Atlanta. Bamba Cuisine has been operating for more than 20 years, specializing in exotic Senegalese cuisine and various traditional dishes. The highlight of their meals is the Senegalese national dish called Tiebou Jeun, which is made from baked fish, jollof rice, and veggies. They also make delicious rice—prepared uniquely.

Bamba Cuisine offers variations of meals based on your preference. On their menu, you’ll find starters, entrees, specialties, and Senegalese homemade beverages.

This restaurant is located at 3700 Campbellton Road, Southwest Atlanta, GA.

2. 10 Degrees South

Apart from eating your desired African dish, this restaurant also offers a serene environment for relaxation—excellent lighting and warm ambiance. It’s an upscale restaurant that offers South African meals. 10 Degrees South is a leading restaurant in Atlanta—from its concept, which can be seen in its interior decor, soaring ceilings, and big patio, to the dishes they offer. It is a place you can find tasty African food and also have a good time.

Their menu has meat meals, vegetable meals, seafood, salads, and several beverages. Also, you will find exotic Malaysian, Mediterranean, French, Portuguese, Dutch, German, and Indian cuisine on their menu, which you can fuse with South African dishes.

10 Degrees South is located at 4183 Roswell Road, Northeast Atlanta, GA.

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3. Nema Kitchen

This restaurant is located at Campbellton road, Southwest Atlanta, GA. It is a restaurant that basically provides West African dishes. They have a variety of meals for lunch and dinner, and their menu consists of daily specials offered from Mondays to Thursdays. They provide separate meals for Friday and Saturday specials. You’ll also find appetizers and snacks, side dishes, fish meals, and several African drinks on their menu.

If you want to try your hands at cooking African meals at home, they retail the ingredients used in their recipes. Nema Kitchen is a leading African restaurant in Atlanta that also serves as a retail store.

4. Cape Dutch

Cape Dutch is another top-ranking African restaurant in Atlanta–severally nominated for awards due to its outstanding services. They specialize in South African foods, delicious dishes, of course!

More so, Cape Dutch uses braai—South African style of grilling in preparing steaks, cornish hens, and whole fish served with braai sauces. And this signature style of cooking is used for several meals on their menu.

You will also find starter meals, biltong, sides, entrees, and à la carte steak cuts on their menu. The entrees have a Belgian touch in their preparation and are more of fusion meals.

Cape Dutch is located at 1782 Chesire Bridge Road, Northeast Atlanta, GA.

5. Desta Ethiopian Kitchen

Natives of Ethiopia established this restaurant. They offer custom orders so you can pick the way you want the food served, and whether you want authentic Ethiopian cuisine or you want it fused with meals from other nationalities, you do get it here. They also have special breakfast offers. On their menu, you will find appetizers, signature entrees, sandwiches, pasta, salads, vegan meals, specialties, and desert. All these meals have a variation you can choose from based on your choice.

Desta Ethiopian Restaurant is located at 3086 Briarcliff Road, Northeast Atlanta, GA.

6. Blu Lagoon

Blu Lagoon offers African foods, including several other cuisines around the world. They offer tasty African meals, including yamarita & pepper soup, jollof rice, whole African hen, and African stewed beans. If you want a mixture of meals, you can get a variety of European and Asian cuisine to fuse with African meals. There is also a bar where you can get different brands of wine.

Blu Lagoon is located at 2263 Cheshire Bridge Road, Northeast Atlanta, GA.

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7. Zunzi’s

Are you looking to have a taste of well-prepared South African dishes? You want to visit Zunzi’s to satisfy your cravings. You do find meals like bunny chow, Zanzibar style meals, and lekker spread in this restaurant. They also offer vegetarian and gluten-free meal options. If you’re a lover of unique delicacies, you can try their fusion of meals, mostly Swiss, Italian, and Dutch cuisine alongside South African dishes.

This restaurant is located at 1971 Howell Mill Road, Atlanta, GA.

8. Bahel

Bahel has been fully operational for over a decade. It is a very casual restaurant with a quiet ambiance, a good spot for those who don’t like crowded places. They have an outdoor seating arrangement, which is a great choice to opt for during summer.

Bahel offers a variety of Ethiopian cuisine, especially the traditional ones, with appetizers and extras to go with the meal. You’ll find specific meals for breakfast and dinner. There are also meal options for vegetarians on their menu, and also for meat lovers too.

This restaurant is at 3125 Briarcliff Road, Northeast Atlanta, GA.

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9. African Restaurant & Lounge

African Restaurant & Lounge has been around since 2008. They offer a variety of meals from various African countries, especially dishes from Nigeria, Ghana, and a few from Cameroon and several other African countries. On their menu, you’ll find popular African meals such as okra soup, jollof rice with lamb, Cameroon style beef suya, etc.

African Restaurant and Lounge is located at 585 Franklin Gateway, Southeast #170, Marietta, GA.

10. Tracxx Grills

This restaurant serves a variety of Nigerian and Cameroon meals. They also offer a fusion of American and African meals. You can find American all-day breakfasts, entrees, and toasted wraps to mix with African appetizers, African soups, and African styled grilled meat—Suya. You’ll also find Island flavors and tropical specials on their menu. If you love to pair wine with food, they offer several American smoothies—you can pair with a number of Nigeria and Cameroon meals.

This restaurant is located at 1644 Atlanta Road, Southeast Marietta, GA.

African Restaurants in Atlanta

Wrap Up

So, there you have it—10 African restaurants in Atlanta, where you can find delicious African meals. We hope you find this list useful. And if you have visited any of these restaurants, we do love to know about your experience. The comment section is all yours!