Top 10 Automation Companies in the World

Industrial automation is mostly used to ease work and to operate in hazardous environments where humans cannot. This is why they have risen to prominence in several businesses.

The following are the top ten industrial automation firms in the world:

  • Siemens
  • ABB
  • Emerson
  • Rockwell
  • Honeywell
  • Schneider Electric
  • Mitsubishi
  • Yokogawa
  • Omron
  • Danaher

1. Siemens

Siemens is a German-based company started on 1st October of 1847 in Munich, Germany. With offices in over 100 countries, Siemens is the largest industrial manufacturing company in Europe

Siemens delivers laboratory diagnostics, medical imaging equipment, and clinical IT and it is one of the world’s top makers of energy-efficient, resource-saving technology.

Major activities

Automobile, Infrastructure, Energy, and industry.


The main products of Siemens are

  • Automation systems- ST 70, SIMATIC ET 200 etc.
  • Drives (Motors, Convertor, Generator, etc.)MICROMASTER 420, 430, 440 Inverter Drives SINAMICS G120, G120C, G150, G180 VFD Drives.
  • RFID solutions and Locating – RF 370R, RF 1000, RF 200, etc.
  • IPC System- IPC427E
  • Power supplies- PSU 6200 series, PSU 8600 series, PSU 8200 series, etc.
  • Process Analytics- SIPROCESS GA700, SITRANS SL
  • Industrial controls- SIRIUS 3RA6, SIRIUS 3RV20
  • Industry software
  • Operator Control and Monitoring Systems
  • Process Control
  • Process Instrumentation


ABB Ltd., originally Asia Brown Bower, is a multinational Swedish-Swiss company based in Zurich, Switzerland.

ABB has business in over a hundred countries with approximately 132,000 employees

The main activities are robotics, data centers, energy efficiency, food, beverage, OEM, panel manufacturers, oil and gas.


The major products of ABB include:

  • PLC Automation- AC500, AC500-eCo, AC500-S, AC500-XC
  • Drives- ACS1000, ACS2000, ACS5000, ACS580MV etc.
  • Medium Voltage Products- ACS 1000, 2000, 5000 etc.
  • Low Voltage Products and Systems
  • Measurement and Analytics- 1330L, FPD 201, 220 etc.
  • Control Room Solutions
  • Mechanical Power Transmission
  • Metallurgy Products
  • Motors and Generators
  • Power Converters and Inverters
  • Robotics
  • Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure

3) Emerson Process Management

Founded in 1890 in St. Louis, Missouri, Emerson Electric Co. is a American-based multinational company headquartered in Ferguson, Missouri. Emerson employs around 83,500 people worldwide and has 200 production plants.

This company provides automation services to empower and strengthen the industries. The company’s automation solutions trying to develop more complete solutions for customers based on industry experience.

Business platforms

Emerson is based on 2 commercial enterprise platforms

• Automation Solutions

• Commercial & Residential Solutions


Automation Solutions of Emerson Process control include:

• Actuators, Valves & Regulators – Bettis G-Series Pneumatic Valve Actuator, Bettis BHH Series Hydraulic Valve Actuator, etc.

• Pneumatics &Solenoids

• Safety Systems – ROC800-Series, ControlWave PAC – Process Automation Controller, etc.

• Control Systems- DVC6200, DVC2000, etc.

• Electrical Components- LED Series Luminaires, SCP-X, etc.

• Precision Welding & Cleaning

• Services & Consulting

• Process manage systems

• Climate and power technologies

• Industrial automation

• Electric motors- NEB Series, AEXMS Series

• Storage systems

4. Rockwell automation

Rockwell Automation is an industrial automation and information technology based multi-national company from USA, founded in 1903.

Major Activities

  • Software segments.
  • Automation Systems
  • Construction Execution System


Rockwell Automation’s major products are:

  • PLC – MicroLogix, ControlLogix, CompactLogix
  • Advanced Process and Motion Control
  • Condition Monitoring & I/O
  • Input/Output (I/O) Modules- SLC I/O Modules
  • Drives & Motors
  • Design Software
  • Motion & Motor Control
  • Relays & Timers
  • DCS(Distributed Control Systems)
  • Human Machine Interface (HMI) and Drive Systems
  • Industrial Control, Sensors, and Network Products
  • Manufacturing Execution System

5. Honeywell

Honeywell International, founded in 1906, is an American multinational corporation headquartered in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Major Activities

  • Aerospace
  • Building Technologies
  • Performance Materials and Technologies (PMT)
  • Safety and Productivity Solutions(SPS).


The products of Honeywell process solutions include:

  • DCS – Experion/TPS
  • PLC – ControlEdge
  • Safety System – Safety Manager
  • IR and UV Flame detectors- FS20X
  • Flame switches and Burner sequence- BC1000A0220U/E
  • Controllers- 1/16 DIN, 1/32 DIN, ¼ DIN
  • Modutrol Motor and actuators
  • UGV [Universal Gas Valves] & Gas TrainComponents
  • Adjustable port valves
  • Gas pressure switches- C6097
  • Ignition Transformers- ET401/ 402 Ignition Transformer
  • Pressuretrol Proportional Pressure Controllers- L91 Series
  • Satanic Burner controls and Components- 7800 Series
  • Limits and pressure controls, Communications, and software

6. Schneider Electric

Schneider Electric is a multinational corporation founded in France that specializes in energy management and automation systems, offering both software and hardware.

Schneider was established in 1836. The company was renamed Schneider Electric in May 1999.


  • Safety System – Triconex
  • DCS – EcoStruxure Foxboro
  • Contactors and Protection Relays- 9A TeSys, EasyPact TVS
  • Human Machine Interfaces (HMI)
  • Industrial Automation Software
  • Industrial Communication
  • Interface, Measurement and Control Relays
  • Motion Control and Robotics- PacDrive 3 LMC Eco / Pro / Pro 2
  • Push Buttons, Switches, Pilot Lights, and Joysticks
  • Sensors and RFID System- XCSRC10M12
  • Variable Speed Drives and Soft Starters- Altivar 71, 71 Plus, Altivar 61, 61 Plus.
  • Process Control and Safety
  • Signaling Units- Harmony XVM, XVU
  • Remote SCADA and Telemetry Systems- SCADAPack 47x

7. Mitsubishi electric

Mitsubishi Electric Co., Ltd. was established on January 15, 1921. It is a Japanese multinational manufacturer of electronic appliances, headquartered in Tokyo, Japan. It is one of Mitsubishi’s core companies.

Mitsubishi provides:

  • Controllers& Drive Products
  • Industrial Robots
  • Processing Machines
  • Power Monitoring Products


  • Drives- MELSERVO-J5, FR-A series, FR-A800 Plus series
  • Controllers- MELSEC iQ-R Series, iQ-F Series
  • FA Sensors- Vision Sensor VS80, VS70, VS20
  • Factory automation systems-
  • Programmable Controllers- MELSEC iQ-R Series
  • Motors & pumps
  • Semiconductors- SiC-MOSFET, SiC-SBD
  • Digital signage and satellites.

8. Yokogawa electric

Yokogawa Electric Corporation is yet another Japanese multinational electrical engineering and software corporation operating in the control and information technology industries.

It employs 19,000 employees in 55 countries around the world.

Yokogawa was a forerunner in the development of distributed control systems, releasing its DCS Centum series in 1975.


  • Field Instruments- EJA110E, ROTAMASS TI
  • Control System- CENTUM VP,
  • Safety System – ProSafe-RS Lite
  • Data Acquisition (DAQ) Instruments- GX10/GX20, DL350
  • Process Analysers- TDLS8000, FLXA402, FLXA202
  • Test & Measurement Instruments

9. Omron automation

Omron Corporation is a Japanese electronics manufacturer based in Kyoto. Omron was established in 1933.

Omron’s major business is the manufacture and sale of automation components, devices, and systems, but the company is best known for medical devices such as digital thermometers, blood pressure monitors, and nebulizers. Omron was one of the earliest makers of automated teller machines with magnetic stripe card readers, inventing the world’s first electronic ticket gate, IEEE Milestone, in 2007.


Manufacture and sale of various automated equipment and systems.

The company also offers

Sensors- E3NC, E32-LT11N / LD11N / LR11NP

Switches (Pushbutton, Indicators Level switches, etc,)

Safety components- OS32C, F3SG-SR / PG Series

Relays- G2RV-SR, G7SA

Control Components and so on.

10. Danaher Industrial Ltd

Danaher Corporation is a Washington, D.C.-based multinational corporation in the United States. Professional, medical, industrial, and commercial products and services are designed, manufactured, and marketed by the corporation.

Platforms of the company are

  • Life Sciences
  • Diagnostics
  • Environmental & Applied Solutions.


Electromechanical Counters- 1993 Series, 7437/7438 Series

Electronic Counters.

Mechanical Counters- 7458/7461 Series, 7434 Series

Position Indicators- C628-2

Process Indicators.

Rate Meters- MCJR4S00

Timers- HG1, 108752-001