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“I was so excited for Royal 38 HH. I like the area, the fact that they validate your parking…. I just knew it was going to be an exciting crowd. I walked in solo and got there just after HH started. (I planned it that way to avoid the after work Friday crowd.) What CROWD!?? There was practically NO ONE HERE!!! I was so surprised! I had the entire bar to myself!! I’m quiet the shy person but it would of nice to see at least 1 person to my right and left!! Nonetheless, the vibe here at Royal 38 is a good one. The decor is real nice and the bartender was alright. I ordered the devil egg and the Royal Smash cocktail. My entire bill was $18. I plan to go back knowing now that it can be an intimate place for a chill date an I think there Brunch may have potential too.”

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