Top 10 Best Courier Companies in the USA – SwiftERM

The growth of courier industry in the USA is directly proportional to the growth of economic progress of the country. One of the first courier companies in the USA was Wells Fargo in 1852 which operated in the unorganised sector.

Much water has flown through Mississippi and Missouri since then. The courier industry in the USA stands at 109 billion $ in 2019 growing at a rate of around 5% since last six years.

It is expected to grow up to a whopping 400 billion $ in the next 4 to 5 years at a compounded growth rate of 8% on a conservative estimate. 

The Courier Companies List


10. Pace Couriers

Based at Alabama, their office is operational 24 x 7. The company has a chain of ground transportation logistics system which is customised depending upon the client’s needs. The channel logistics team of the organisation works in perfect tandem with the client team for optimum output and deliveries. 

The main focus of the courier is now into servicing the retail trade as retail is very fast becoming an important area of growth in USA.

Very recently it has inaugurated a 16000 square feet warehouse at North Carolina.  Pace already has undertaken a CSR initiative called Pace Foundation to serve the larger community.

9. Transportes Pitic

The organization was formed in 1973 at Mexico and has a concrete presence in transportation and distribution since then. An excellent shipping process coupled with punctual deliveries and very well managed logistics management has earned the company a great affinity amongst its clients and the industry.

The company mainly services retail, pharmaceuticals and healthcare, manufacturing and automotive industry. 

Transportes Pitic also has undertaken a massive CSR campaign to serve the community in its areas of operation.

8. Spee Dee Delivery Service

Two main strategies that the Minnesota based courier company epitomises are speed and pricing both of which are very important factors today. It has got extraordinary ground delivery services with focus in Midwest of the country.

In some cases the deliveries are completed the next day itself. The company claims that with their smaller operational ambit they perform and deliver better than the usual big players in the industry.