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Top 10 best travel agencies for expats in the Netherlands

April 7, 2021

Given the enormous range of online holiday providers, we have conducted research to travel agencies specifically. The number of holiday sites in this category is enormous, and given the demand on the internet for complete holiday trips in combination with the comment that it is very difficult to find the right travel agency, we have put together our top 10.

The comparison has been made between well-known and large travel agencies such as D-Reizen, Tui and Kras, but also the less well-known ones have been included, so that we paint the correct and complete picture. We are happy to share our experiences in our search with the holidaymaker in order to determine which holiday site best suits the desired trip. This does not only concern an all-inclusive to Turkey, but also a fully arranged winter sports, city trip, long journey or last-minute.

Wat te doen met je vakantiefoto's? Haal het vakantiegevoel in huis.

The top 10 best Travel Agencies

1. TUI – You can book all types of holidays here at the best prices. Tui is known to everyone as an all-round holiday brand and offers holidays through the travel brands Tui and Kras. You can book quickly and easily thanks to the multichannel distribution via, the travel agencies of TUI and the Contact Center. Kras is a direct seller, specializing in bus, cycling and boating holidays and long-distance group tours. Highly recommended and our number 1!

2. Oad – At Oad you are assured of a trip with a good price-quality ratio. They put together the trip in such a way that you can fully enjoy what you expect, wherever or however in the world in the most beautiful places in the finest accommodations. Of course Oad is affiliated with ANVR / SGR.

3. 333Travel – Specialist in long-haul travel for over 17 years. Tailor-made travel and everything meets the needs and budget of the customer. Perfect service.

4. Travelworld – Presents a very extensive travel offer, including starter packages consisting of flight ticket and accommodation, fly & drive packages including flight ticket and rental car, camper trips and road trips with pre-booked accommodations. Attractively priced and arranged faster than if you do it yourself. They offer complete trips, without unexpected extras. It is not without reason that Travelworld is by far the cheapest.

5. Alltours – A wide and complete range of various types of tours. Among other things exceptionally cheap for going to the beach or sun. 

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6. Kras – Good and wide offer, complete tours, cheap and reliable. Not a real specialist, but good and solid in everything they do.

7. Dejongintra – Of course they should not be missing. Years of experience and reliable. Can put together all types of holidays for you at competitive prices. Good service and wide range. Read on here.

8. Corendon – Probably a well-known name, but not everyone knows that Corendon also offers the most complete holidays and makes your dreams come true. They offer a suitable holiday for every target group. Whether it’s a family holiday to the campsite or an exclusive honeymoon with all the bells and whistles. Every year Cornedon provides more than 650,000 holidays within and outside Europe. Why? Read it quickly and book the dream trip.

9. Belvilla– Belvilla is an international tour operator that offers holidays in holiday homes throughout Europe. The company is active in 21 European countries. Belvilla is the market leader in the Benelux and one of the largest providers with 25,000 holiday homes, mainly located in Europe. Belvilla is a member of the ANVR, Stichting Garantiefonds Reisgelden (SGR) and Thuiswinkel.

10. D-Travel – Has been the number one in budget travel for years. With more than 230 travel agencies and 200 tour operators, D-Reizen is the largest independent travel organization in the Netherlands.

Compare based on reviews, price / quality, research and experiences

We have based the above top 10 best travel agencies on the reviews that we have been able to find online on various sites, where the average must be higher than an 8 and the minimum number of reviews 100, so that there is an objective and reliable assessment. This, in combination with our own experiences on the relevant websites and / or personal experiences during our trip and price / quality ratio, makes the top 10 in our opinion reliable and realistic in order to find the right holiday site for your trip. After all, we have years of experience in researching the most reliable and best online providers.

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But you also have …

You can see that the reputable and large travel agencies still, in general, come out the best in the test. This is not only due to the experience and size of the business, but also the failure of the smaller, lesser known travel agents. Nevertheless, a number of holiday sites stand out that are definitely worth a visit: BBI-Travel, Gites and ANWB etc. 



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