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"I got pita bread and fried vegetable ball. Most of the time I tore pieces of the bread off and dipped it in the sauces. It didn't feel that satisfying to eat. Half of the sauces were too spicy for me. The waiter came around to give us multiple refills of the bread. They only came around once to give us more of the vegetable ball.

The weekly special was some kind of bread that was sitting in a sauce. I didn't like it.

They gave us water and some kind of milk. I did not like the milk. It tasted like a strange mix of soy milk and yogurt.

This is a very authentic northern Indian place. It was also completely vegetarian. However, I prefer more americanized Indian food. I prefer hardier foods like curry, and I feel like the pita bread just didn't hit the spot for me. Buffet was $30."

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