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What are people saying about korean restaurants in Atlanta, GA?

This is a review for korean restaurants in Atlanta, GA:

“First thing you should know! Is this isn’t a American Korean Chinese restaurant! It’s styled as a Korean Chinese restaurant. They brought the concept from Korea.

The sweet and sour pork will be way different because it’s made with rice flour! So don’t except super crispy it’s supposed to be crispy and chewy!
It a well known concept in South Korea. (Different style) also the sauce is on the side because everyone eats it differently, your choice either pour it or dip it!

All of there black bean & spicy soups can be controlled to a certain spice level!

Small tip! They give you FREE rice or extra noodles!!
Just ask cause they don’t advertise it because costs are high! Lol

So if you are extra hungry or it’s to spicy just ask for more noodles :)”

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