Top 10 Best Low Country Boil in New Orleans, LA – September 2022 – Yelp

What are people saying about low country boil in New Orleans, LA?

This is a review for low country boil in New Orleans, LA:

“Omg! Talk about bang for your buck! $25 for an “all you can fit in a styro container” crawfish was wonderful and satisfying! I didn’t need much that day because I was a bit full, but saw a few others who were able to fill their containers twice as much for the same price.

They start at 6pm and the bar seemed a bit intimidating but their staff was really so friendly and the overall atmosphere was relaxing and light. The crawfish was fresh and flavorful. The first batch was gone pretty quickly but I think they do make multiple batches a night during crawfish season. This is such a great idea! And such a flavorful experience!”

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