Top 10 Best Market Research Companies In Ho Chi Minh – TopBrands

2. Market Research Company CI Research

With many years of experience in the field of market research, CI Research understands your company’s worries and concerns during the long-term construction & development process. So please allow us to accompany your company in offering many modern research methods using digital tools to reduce time and reduce costs for customers.


CI Research is a market research firm with the quickest growth rate in recent years in the market, owing to its consistent efforts and having many of the most successful research consultancies supported by a significant number of clients. 

Reasons you should choose CI Research Market Research Company:

CI Research specializes in conducting large and small-scale qualitative and quantitative market research across regions in Vietnam. We have extensive experience in intensive (expert) Research, Confidential Customer Research, Dealer System Research, Market Trends Research, Potential Potential, Satisfaction Assessment of Customers, Brand Health, etc.


B2B projects typically include: 

  • Market Overview

    : Size (Value and Output); market share, import and export situation, market segmentation, industry growth rate over the years and forecasts, market trends, prospects (price, product, consumption, region…), analysis SWOT to carry out the implementation of the B2B type, research company frequently mix many various approaches to provide aggregate, intensive, exploratory, predictive, and plan-proposing findings.

  • Desk research

    : secondary literature from different sources

  • Buy reports, available data

    : import and export, competitor financial reports, industry reports

  • In-depth interviews with subjects: experts, competitors, distributors, businesses

  • Industry competitors

    : Product portfolio, revenue, growth, strengths/weaknesses, sales policies, selling prices, technology, factories, target customers, business areas

  • Distribution system

    : Distribution channel, rate, sales area, policy from supplier, price sensitivity, quality of customer care service, confidential purchase: assessment of business service quality Karma

  • Market Research Company CI Research always advises and designs qualitative & quantitative research methods depending on customer needs and optimal budget.