Top 10 Fine Dining Restaurants In Luanda, Angola

Restaurant, Nightclub, Asian, Mediterranean, Sushi, Japanese , $$$

The Luanda Switch Supper Club is one of the newest and hottest restaurants in Luanda. There is an inevitably long wait for a table if turning up spontaneously, so it is recommended you book in advance. The Switch Supper Club is located beneath the Epic Sana Hotel. It draws its inspiration from the culture of Supper Clubs – the trend for dining, socializing and dancing all in the same place. The Switch Supper Club is an Asian Mediterranean fusion restaurant and also one of the trendiest places to dance and have drinks at the end of an evening. The restaurant is luxurious and the lighting expertly adjusted to accent the beautiful ornate decor. Dishes are expertly plated and wine and champagne can be served by the glass.