Top 10 Free SEO Courses With Certificate For Beginners (Updated)

Yes, I know You wanted to learn SEO and become an SEO Expert.

SEO is Amazing

SEO is in Demand

SEO is Future


Do you know what exactly SEO is and how to learn SEO and become an SEO expert?, Why Brands, Startups and Entrepreneurs are crazy for it .

If Not Then Trust me, this article will help you with all the answers.

What is SEO??

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization is an Art + Science of convincing  the search engines to recommend your content to their users as the best solution and answer of their problems and questions

In Simple, Convince Google to recommend your content to its user.


What is not an SEO ?

  • Using neither helpful nor quality of content.
  • Focus on building unnecessary links for your website.
  • Running Facebook & Google Ads only to get high traffic.
  • Using Yoast Plugin.

Google Wants to  satisfy their user and if you don’t provide  most helpful, most trustworthy and most appropriate content then Google is not going to recommend you to its user (Would You agree ?).

Top 10 Free SEO course with Certificate for Beginners (Updated)

  1. Free Neil Patel: Unlock SEO Courses
  2. Free SEO training: SEO for beginners (Yoast)
  3. SEO Training Course by Moz (Udemy)
  4. SEO Training Course: Building Sustainable Traffic for Business Growth (HubSpot)
  5. On-Page and Technical SEO Course (SEMRUSH)
  6. .Become an SEO Expert(LinkedIn Learning)
  7. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Specialization (Coursera)
  8. Free SEO 6-Part Video Series (Moz)
  9. Website Performance Optimization(Udacity)
  10. Free SEO Course (Reliablesoft)

Neil Patel free SEO course

Yes, I believe you know about him, the co-founder of Neil Patel Digital ,Forbes calls him the top 10 digital marketer in the Globe.

He is also  helping the people like you and me with his amazing and free unlocked SEO courses.

While other Marketer and organization  Focus on selling their own course in and make more money where, Neil and his team helping the people with his amazing and free unlocked SEO Course

Why Enroll in this Courses

  • 100 % Free of Cost
  • Enroll the Course Anytime at anywhere
  • Get the Strategy Sheet, framework in pdf form at the end of the video
  • Learn from the among World’s best SEO Expert 
  • You will learn about basic of on-Page and Off-Page SEO, Content Marketing and many more

SEO free course by Yoast Academy

Every 1 out of 3 website on the Globe are developed on WordPress and Yoast SEO Plugin are known as the best free SEO plugins buy the SEO Expert professionals

The mission of YOAST is SEO for Everyone. They want to give everyone the opportunity to rank in the search engine, therefore they come up with this course with the SEO industry expert.

This course is divided into three main Sections: Introduction, Content marketing and technical SEO.

Why Enroll in this Course.

  • Again ,100 % Free of cost
  • Learn about the Basic foundation of SEO 
  • Get Free ready made framework and templates for SEO strategy
  • Best course for Beginners

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With more than 257,000 Students this course become the most liked and enrolled SEO course in Udemy 

Hope, This is enough to show how much popular this course is in our  seo community.

The instructor of this course is one of the Moz co-founder, CEO Rand Fiskian with his team .

Why Enroll in this Course.

  • Help you with the basic of technical SEO
  • Learn how to use the different tools and resources for SEO strategy
  • Known as one of the best SEO courses for beginners.

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This one’s my personal favorite course among this list (Which one yours ?) this course is help you to bring organic traffic in any kind website with the help of optimized content and backlinks strategy.

This course is divided into  Major section

1.Intoduction of SEO strategy 

2.How to Execute that SEO strategy

3.Process of generation the effective backlinks 

4.How to optimize the content.

Why Enroll in this Course-

  • Easy to Enroll and Access.
  • Best for the Beginners who wanted to Learn Content Marketing.
  • Get the Free On-Page Templates at the End of the Course.

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This course help you to understand the basic foundation about the technical and on-page SEO and you will also learn how to optimize your website’s content .

How to improve your website health as well as it’s proper maintenance with the SEMrush tool(P.S-you will also get free version of SEMrush tools)

Course Content-

  1. SEO Audit
  2. HTTPS and crawlability  Issues
  3. Log File Analysis
  4. Creating the SEO friendly content
  5. Getting Idea for On-Page Optimization
  6. Avoid the On-Page errors

Why Enroll in this Course.

  • Get the Free access of SEMrush tool
  • 2.Certification after course compilation
  • 3.Check your Knowledge with the Quiz 
  • 4.Expend your Skills and Knowledge with Read Further option.

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LinkedIn learning previously known as Lynda is comes up with their Become an SEO expert course this course divided into 6 major section

  1. Basic Foundation of SEO
  2. Link Building Strategy
  3. Keywords Strategy
  4. SEO for Videos
  5. Local SEO
  6. International SEO

I guess, You know that LinkedIn offers a free one month premium access for all it’s users. So, This may be the right time to use this offer.

Why Enroll in this course?

  • Learn from the industry  expert 
  • Get the Framework and strategy for Better SEO
  • Recommend as an Best course to become an SEO expert.

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To better understand this course you need the basic knowledge about SEO (Yes, I know You have) but, as it’s name tells you SEO Specialization means this course will help you to become an SEO Beginner to an SEO Expert.

Course is among one of the leading training providing platform and this is one of it’s most popular course with more than 72,000 student of this course

This course consist of 5 Section-

  1. Introduction to Search Engines
  2. Fundamental about search engines
  3. Website Optimization for search
  4. Content and social strategy for better SEO
  5. SEO for others

Why Enroll in this course?

  • Get Free shareable content and Certificate.
  • Regular Quiz and assignment with peer-checking.
  • Get the Hands-on project for batter learning.

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Again, the co-founder and CEO of Moz Rand Fishkin is the man behind this course .

Yes, the another course from Moz after Udemy(No.3 Above☝)

Is it possible to learn SEO in 60 Min? The answer is Yes,with these course

No matter you are Beginner ,Expert or just an client .Trust me, this is an perfect course for you

This course consist of 6 Main sections-

  1. SEO Strategy
  2. Keyword Research
  3. Searcher Satisfaction
  4. On-page Optimization
  5. Technical SEO
  6. Link Building

Why Enroll in this Course?

  • Get the Free access of Moz tool
  • 2.Rand Fishkin helps you to learn complex SEO in a simple way
  • 3.Get the fast and easy access

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Raise your hand ?if you’re learning SEO to update your CV

Yeah Me too?

Then this course is best for that which is designed and developed by Google and Udacity team .

You will learn about the Advance of technical SEO as well as mastering of most of the SEO tools offered by the Google (like, page speed insights )

The best part about this course is after the course competition you will get the certificate from google this will help you to update your CV as well as get more likes in your next LinkedIn post.

Why Enroll in this Course ?

  • Learn from the Industry Expert
  • Get the Course Completion Certificate Powered by Google
  • 100% Free of Cost.

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Reliablesoft is one of the best SEO training providing Platform .if You’re looking for a SEO basic course then this is best for you. The best part about these course is it content that help you and me to learn the Complex SEO Glossary (Like ,PNB and BALCK HAT SEO)in the most simple form You can.

This course is divided into three section: Technical SEO, On-Page SEO and Off-Page SEO

Why Enroll in this course

  • 1.Get the Free SEO checklist at the end of the course
  • 2.Learn the basic foundation of SEO
  • 3.Easile accessible and 100 % Free


 Everyone wants to be an SEO Expert but very less want to start from the beginning Remember, Every expert once a beginner?

the “secret sauce “behind every expert today is learning ,learning and learning.

SEO is not just an high income skills but also the future

Like other industries ,SEO also takes time, patience and lot’s mistakes to become an expert.

It’s Totally Ok If you don’t have time to enroll in every course listed hear,but make sure you apply every important expert

IF you can Consume it, You can Create it

Let’s Connect and Talk about Batter SEO?