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La Mer is a relatively recent addition to the tourist spots in Dubai. It’s another Insta-friendly location, you surely wouldn’t want to miss out on. With the slew of beach activities and abundance of restaurants in La Mer, it is a perfect place for families to relax over weekends. No matter what your tastes are, there is bound to be a La Mer restaurant that’s perfect for you! And that’s not all the are has to offer. If you want a bit of exercise after a heavy meal, you can also walk around and admire the other attractions in La Mer.

Best Restaurants in La Mer Dubai

Whether you feel like having an English breakfast or a sumptuous Middle Eastern dinner, this is the place to be. Take a look at some of the best restaurants in La Mer Jumeirah that offer quality food and value for money. 

With more than 130 restaurants, it is often difficult to decide among the best places to eat at La Mer. To make your decision easy we present to you a list of the top 10 restaurants in La Mer Dubai beach where you can sample some yummy dishes and have a gala time with friends and family. 


SLAB is one of the leading eateries in La Mer that offers casual, contemporary cuisine. It has a seasonal menu so you can enjoy different flavours throughout the year. The restaurant focuses on using creative ideas to lend their menu a unique appeal. The staff is also very friendly and accommodating, making the overall ambience extremely pleasing. You have meat and veggie options depending on your personal preference.

The creative direction by Fadi Al-Said gives this eatery in La Mer a relaxed feel where one can simply enjoy their food. Amongst the restaurants in La Mer, SLAB offers a mix of style and ease. It perfectly aligns with the mood of the place.

Timing: 10:00 am -10:00 pm

Contact: +971-4-298-8899

Nearest Parking: Pink zone – North 4

Dress Code: Casual 

Grilled chicken with peas

2. Masti Lounge

Who doesn’t like a bit of spice from time to time? There are quite a few Indian restaurants in La Mer, but Masti Lounge has become a preferred choice quickly. With internationally renowned chef and food writer Hari Nayak at the helm, it’s easy to see why the Masti Lounge is one of the most popular Indian restaurants in La Mer. This urban bar-cum-restaurant provides a comfortable social dining experience for visitors. If you are from the sub-continent, you will feel like you are back home with a plate of mix bean chaat or butter chicken pizza. 

Timing: 10:00 am -10:00 pm

Contact: 800-MASTI (62784)

Nearest Parking: South Valet – South 4

Dress Code: Smart casual

3. Zou Zou Restaurant

Zou Zou Restaurant is one restaurant in La Mer which offers a range of Lebanese and Turkish dishes. If you like your food traditional, you can order the classics. If you wish to experiment, Zou Zou has some innovative and unique dishes to offer too. You can go for a traditional Barbeque styled dish or eat a variation of fatoush; feel free to decide when you visit this popular Lebanese restaurant in La Mer. Using quality ingredients ensures that your food is fresh and flavoursome.

Timing: 10:00 am -10:00 pm

Contact: +971-4-343-0093

Nearest Parking: South 3

Dress Code: Casual

Fatoosh a Lebanese sald

4. Stars N Bars

Are you are a fan of the sports bar culture? If yes, Stars N Bar La Mer could be your match day home. There are few better feelings than celebrating your team’s nail-biting win against arch-rivals with your mates. Stars N Bars provides that exhilarating thrill. With regards to food, if you are working out to look like your footballing idol, worry not! There are some great grilled options and healthy salads in this pub in La Mer. Amongst the licensed restaurants in La Mer, Stars N Bars gets pretty busy on match days. You can go crazy if your team wins, or dine and whine if a loss is imminent.

Well-known artists often perform at the venue. So check in to their page on Facebook and Instagram for updates.

Timings: 10:00 am -10:00 pm

Contact: +971-4-349-9903

Nearest Parking: North 4

Dress Code: Casual

Stars n Bars restaurant in La Mer

5. Sugar Factory

Do you often get grief about having a sweet tooth? Well, no one judges you for that at Dubai’s latest and hottest tourist spot La Mer. You have plenty of dessert choices in La Mer but Sugar Factory really stands out. It is so good that if you live in rental apartments in Jumeirah, chances are this would become a weekly visit.   

An American brand, Sugar Factory has become a favourite with Dubai residents who love delicious sweets and treats. It is present in most cosmopolitan cities and has been endorsed by global celebrities like Kendall Jenner, Britney Spears and Drake. Do you need any more convincing? Featuring some of the most Instagrammable desserts in Dubai, this restaurant is also well known for its burgers, sandwiches and fries. 

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Timings: 10:00 am -10:00 pm

Contact: +971-4-385-5312

Nearest Parking: South 1

Dress Code: Casual

Sugar Factory La Mer

6. Catch 22

Dubai is an international city and restaurants like Catch 22, match the city’s diversity. It is one of the few eateries in La Mer with such a varied menu. There is something for everyone, yet each dish is appetising and authentic. Whether you are in the mood for some Sushi or a gigantic beef burger, Catch 22’s staff will serve you with a smile. The place is vibrant and buzzing with youthful energy. The fusion starters come highly recommended at this casual dining restaurant in La Mer.

Timings: 10:00 am-10:00 pm

Contact: +971-4-324-3209

Dress Code: Casual

Beef burger ingredients

7. Motomachi

Motomachi is one of the best Japanese restaurants in La Mer. A lot of people prefer sitting outside to enjoy the picturesque view, especially for dinners. However, for lunch, you can enjoy the innate interiors of the place. Kobachi, Japanese grills, salads, sushi and soups are available for lunch and dinner. Japanese pancakes and Chocolate Brick Toast are two of its most popular items for breakfast. All Japanese staff is courteous and gives you a real feel of being in “the Land of the Rising Sun.”

Timing: 09:00 am -11:00 pm

Contact: +971-4-323-9333

Nearest Parking: Purple zone – North 2

Dress Code: Casual

Sushi Japanese cuisine at La Mer Dubai

8. Parker’s restaurant & café

After gaining widespread popularity thanks to The Dubai Mall outlet, Parker’s opened up a casual café in La Mer. While the usual dishes such as pasta, tacos and sliders are top notch, what really stands out are wild dishes like Mac and Cheetos. If you are willing to take your chances, visit Parker’s La Mer. Their experiments will be more than rewarding. At extremely reasonable price points, this is also one of the most affordable restaurants in La Mer. 

Timing: 09:00 am -12:00 am

Contact: +971-56-369-1388

Nearest Parking: South 2

Dress Code: Casual dining

Parker La Mer Dubai

9. Babel

Is there anything more enjoyable than feasting on lobsters, prawns, and tuna as you overlook the beautiful ocean? Babel, a Lebanese restaurant in La Mer offers sea-inspired dishes. Middle Eastern style of cooking and seafood mix well. With indoor and terrace seating, the choice of seating is in your hands. The lobster from Babel’s can be addictive; you have been warned.

Timing: 12:00 pm -12:00 am

Contact: +971-4-419-0220

Nearest Parking: South Valet – South 4

Dress Code: Smart casual

Lobster dinner in a plate

10. Fast Food Choices

Apart from the casual and fine dining outlets, there are some outstanding restaurants offering fast food in La Mer. If you want to quickly grab a bite and be on your way, you could opt for Salt’s tasty and wholesome burgers. Five Guys is another American style burger joint. Falla has a mixed menu with middle eastern and Italian food. If Indian street food is what you are craving, pop by Roti Rollers. For good old American style Chinese food visit PF Chang’s. 

Five Guys, one of the popular fast food restaurants in La Mer

11. Cafes in La Mer

For serious coffee connoisseurs, there are several cafes in La Mer. These include Cupaghawa, BLK Cab Coffee – Beach House, Starbucks, Hola and more. If you fancy a piping hot cup of Karak Chai, Dubai favourite Filli has also opened up a branch in La Mer. 

La Mer is now one of the go-to places for food lovers in Dubai. But it is not just about the food. Before going for a regal dinner, you can watch your favourite movie or have crazy fun at the Laguna water park.