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Original review: June 21, 2022

My son sold (or thought he had sold) a vehicle to a person who deposited money into my account, did the bill of sale, and everything that was to be done properly when selling a vehicle. 5 days later the money was reversed. We immediately filed a stolen vehicle report with the police. Progressive’s “Automatic Termination” policy states that if the vehicle is sold or transferred (without any other clarification) then the insurance is automatically terminated on the vehicle. Using this statement, I could have someone hold me at gun point, steal my car and it would still not be covered as a theft since a “transfer” took place.

What is the difference between someone using a gun to steal my car and someone using a blue collar method to steal my car. I see no difference. At the end of the day, my son is STILL responsible to pay on the loan of the car, the car is STILL registered in his name, there is STILL an open investigation on the car, and the car is STILL unrecovered. Now tell me in what universe that this car was “SOLD OR TRANSFERRED” where it isn’t considered stolen and insurance would not pay for it under the comprehensive insurance coverage. I have been complaining until I was blue in the face to anyone who will listen. If Progressive changes their automatic termination policy to read “if the vehicle is sold or transferred, through any legal or illegal means, insurance coverage will be immediately terminated,” then I will rest my oars and say another thing about it. If they cannot do that, then they do not have a leg to stand on denying the coverage on this vehicle.

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