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Original review: Feb. 5, 2022

Straighterline was easier for my son who has difficulty with Science and Math. So, he did Algebra and Biology. He also did English. So, it was all of the things he would prefer to do in a shorter amount of time than during the semester. He spent a lot of time on a paper about COVID but he got flagged for plagiarism. It was upsetting for him. No matter what article you’re reading, you’re gonna see a lot of the same information yet they flagged him. I was ticked and so I called customer service and went through this rigmarole of having to go through academic to get the paper approved. That was a very bad experience because that was at the end. In order for him to finish the course, he had to have the paper finished by a certain day. That put us in a situation where he had to redo a paper. Straighterline should take more time when it comes to something like that.

Also, with assignments, like when my son did the paper, it would get graded and then he would get a second attempt. He would do the recommended corrections but then on the second attempt, he would be graded by different persons and they come back with a lower grade. When a student finishes an assignment and takes the time to take the second attempt to fix the mistake, and then Straighterline lets someone else grade it and they get a lower grade, it’s a waste of time and it’s a punch in the gut. The same person should grade the correction so that the person advances in their grade. Other than that, I would definitely recommend Straighterline.

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