Top 20 Foods That Will Make Every 90s Kid Nostalgic


Despite our parents’ best efforts, most kids in the 1990s would have preferred to eat junk food over vegetables. Let’s face it, ’90s munchies were delectable.

Take a look back at our favourite foods and snacks from childhood for a daily dose of nostalgia. Surprisingly, some of these ’90s snacks have held up well over time, while others are now considered ’90s snack heaven.

1 Chatmola

Anyone who claims they can stop after just one Chatmola pack is lying. These maroon-colored little balls are so addicting that you can only reason you’re done for the day after you’ve consumed at least three packs. The taste of chatpata and the elephant on the pack will live on in our minds forever.


2 Boomer

One of the very first chewing gums we came across. Yes, that baby boomer is still a household name. Their catchphrase, Boom Boom Boomer, is still fresh in our memories, and the pink and white, almost candy-like flavor is something we’ll never forget. Chewing gum and blowing huge bubbles in class were practically considered deviant at that time.


3 Crax

Remember how we used to put one piece of Crax ring on each finger before eating them one by one? There are no words to adequately express our delight at receiving a package of flawless corn rings!


4 Polo

We all remember how much pleasure it was to eat one of these. The minty flavour came in varieties of tastes, and the craziest part was feeling the coldness in our throats while sipping a cup of water.


5 Rola Cola

You’ll get a taste of authentic Coca-Cola with these solid cola candies. These black candies have a cola flavor, and chewing them is a treat in itself. Amazing news arrived a few months ago: they were once again manufactured and made available!

Rola ColaRola Cola

6 Big Babool

The Big Babool chewing gum was part of a competition among 90s kids to see who could blow the biggest bubble. These bubble gums were also featured in the mystery that if two of them were blown together, a large bubble would appear. These chewing gums come in a variety of fruit flavors that release luscious flavors as you chew them.

Big BaboolBig Babool

7 Mango Bite Candies

These mango-flavored sweets kept us from missing mangoes throughout the season because they were readily available. The first mango candy to be developed in India were mango bites. The taste of mangoes softly rolling down your mouth was an unforgettable sensation.

Mango Bite CandiesMango Bite Candies

8 Poppins

These joyous little treats came in a variety of colors, and the most remembered battle would be when your personal favorite ran out and you had to buy a whole new pack. It could also be described by the siblings’ quarrel over a certain colour or flavour. Does this sound all too familiar? Trying various colors of Parle Poppins to figure out what taste it was.


9 Bytes

This is something that no one should dare to forget. It seemed like small chunks of joy… It was also a Cadbury component, and We all can recall eating these well into the 1990s.


10 Fatafat

We didn’t care about the Ayurvedic merits of Fatafat as children; all we cared about was how delicious these God-sent candy tasted, so we dashed to the next shop to get some. If you couldn’t afford it, befriending any child with a pack was the best option. Isn’t it true that things were a lot simpler back then?


11 Wowie

Oh, the ideal chocolate for any child who like Goofy, Mickey, and the rest of the Disney family. Cadbury introduced this product, but it gradually faded away. However, it was a huge success.


12 Cadbury Gems 

Those were the days when we’d go out and buy Cadbury Gems packets, hoping to find a chocolate button in our color choice. As kids, most of us believed that the buttons in our favourite colors tasted the finest.

Cadbury GemsCadbury Gems

13 Campa Cola And 7Up

7Up was the lemony beverage that was introduced alongside international symbol Fido Dido. Yes, that slender and sluggish fellow! And, of course, there’s Campa Cola, the local beverage. Cold drinks are still referred to as Campa in many small rural communities.

Campa Cola And 7UpCampa Cola And 7Up

14 Paan Pasand Candies

Paan Pasand was yet another hit in the 1990s, but it was more of a mouth freshener than a candy. The sweetness of this candy comes from the Indian flavor of Pan. If a pan could not be found after a meal, this was an ideal substitute.

As children, we preferred Paan Pasand to the cash our parents received after food shopping. We secretly hoped that the store would run out of coins and have to offer out these delicious toffees instead.

Paan Pasand CandiesPaan Pasand Candies

15 Parle Kismi

This legendary candy convinced everyone that combining caramel and elaichi may produce amazing results. This candy, which was formerly only available in one flavour, is now available in a variety of Indian tastes, including Kulfi, Rajbhog, Rose Milk, and Meetha Pan. During the 1990s, this candy was likewise chastised by strict elders since it was commonly shared amongst couples.

Parle KismiParle Kismi

16 Mentos Marbles

Mentos Marbles come in a variety of fruity flavors in a single pack! We enjoyed all of the flavors – watermelon, orange, mango, and even guava – and refused to share them with others.

Mentos MarblesMentos Marbles

17 Colourful Sugar Jelly Candies

Fruity candies with a sprinkling of sugar made our days as youngsters so much nicer (and our cartoon channels). You were overjoyed when your family gave these for you after much persuasion and vows to eat vegetables all the time.

Colourful Sugar Jelly CandiesColourful Sugar Jelly Candies

18 Orange Candies

Remember the vendors outside the school selling orange candy in packs of two for Rs 2 and five for Rs 5? We can still obtain them in a variety of forms and sizes, but the nostalgia associated with these treats cannot be duplicated. They felt like such a tremendous pleasure at the start of a great workday when we were kids.

Orange CandiesOrange Candies

19 Gold Coins Chocolates

These chocolates resembled and were shaped like golden coins, they may be termed the money of the 1990s youngsters. These coin-shaped chocolates were normally covered in a gold foil wrapper and imprinted with various denominations. These coins were either dark chocolate coins or milk chocolate coins. These sweets and their flavors will undoubtedly transport you back to the 1990s and allow you to relive those memorable occasions.

Gold Coins ChocolatesGold Coins Chocolates

20 Hajmola

These little tablets with a tangy flavor were a hit with everyone, and more were requested. The sensation that would be generated every time you got the sour and peppery taste of these delectable sweets as they glided over your mouths would be associated with these candies.