Top 20 Interior Designers in Los Angeles

Gone are the days of the headline-grabbing, Hollywood designer whose brand is emblazoned on every throw pillow and candle. Tinseltown’s new breed of influential interior designers are more discreet, less dictatorial and all about creating chic spaces where the tastes of their industry-insider clients reign. These newer interiors reflect a panoply of influences — 1930s French modernism, contemporary Belgian rusticity, louche ’70s glam and the primary-colored geometry of ’80s Memphis. An emphasis on vintage pieces, reclaimed materials and green building indicate a growing eco-consciousness, just as incorporating the craft of local artisans celebrates uniqueness and authenticity. A good percentage of the following interior designers — compiled in a list after consulting nearly 40 design experts, showroom heads and photographers — fly under the radar, letting their powerful and starry clients grab the spotlight.

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