Top 20 Rooftop Restaurants In Miami

Rooftop at E11 EvenRooftop at E11 Even

Miami’s rooftop restaurants are as beautiful as you’d expect them to be. Miami’s stunning beaches can be seen from some of the city’s tallest buildings, while others are a little lower, making them excellent places to stop before a night out at one of the city’s top restaurants. Rooftop restaurants tend to be concentrated in Brickell and South Beach, but there are a few hidden gems in the city’s farthest reaches.

At the same time, Miami has a lot to offer in terms of action-packed feelings and fashionable and gorgeous surroundings. As a bonus, the most incredible rooftop bars in Miami provide a calm tropical wind and a different cityscape view. Panoramic vistas of the Miami skyline and the Atlantic Ocean are among the highlights of these images.

1. Vista

The Upper Buena Vista neighbourhood’s long-standing treasure, Vista, serves food for dine-in, takeout, and outdoor dining. The sky is visible from the rooftop of the modern-industrial building.

The Italian cuisine served at this outdoor haven is influenced by various cultures. Visually stunning, the cuisine at Vista is also hearty and indulgent. It’s the right atmosphere for any occasion, combining stylish flair with hearty fare: Start with grilled artichokes and mozzarella eggplant flatbreads. The buttery branzino and the beef pappardelle are not missed as the main dish. Vegetarian diners have many options thanks to the Mediterranean cuisine’s emphasis on variety. The filled Fiocchi with cheesy pear filling is to die for.


2. Serena Rooftop

The open-air rooftop restaurant’s motif is “laissez-faire, elegant, and dreamlike.” With its outside terrace, Serena Miami wants to evoke the laid-back atmosphere of Oaxaca’s and Mexico City’s best. The Moxy South Beach Hotel’s spacious terrace serves small meals with Latin and Mexican influences for sharing. The most popular dishes served here are the uni and crab tostadas and the squash blossom quesadillas. Cocktails are a must-have when dining al fresco on a rooftop! Mixologist Christian Rubio creates the beverages for Serena’s menu.

Serena RooftopSerena Rooftop

3. Sugar

Sugar is likely the most expensive and one of the tallest rooftop spots in Miami. You have to take a very cool elevator up 40 floors at Brick ell’s East Hotel to get here. It’s a high-end place where there are sometimes long lines. Once you’re inside, you can expect to pay between $16 and $18 for a good cocktail and be surrounded by people who look very ready for their close-up. But if you want to dress up and are in the mood for a rooftop, it’s a good place for a fancy night out. They also serve food, but we mostly come here for drinks.


4. Juvia

No matter what time of year it is, the sky is always a candy color when you have dinner at Juvia at sunset. When you eat at the Lincoln Road restaurant, think of it as a free show or part of the experience. Don’t worry; the food doesn’t take a back seat to the view. On the Japanese-Peruvian menu, there are a lot of different kinds of ceviches and cooked dishes, like delicious Chilean sea bass and rich black truffle risotto.


5. Area 31

Area 31 is located on the roof of the Kimpton Epic Hotel and is known for its generous happy hours. Because of COVID-19, the restaurant’s activities have been put on hold, although customers can still order food for takeout or eat it in. Dine-in whenever feasible, mainly because the restaurant is known for its “Approach to Clean.” Workers are screened regularly, high-touch areas are frequently cleaned and disinfected, and gloves and face masks are used. The social distance between tables is appropriately maintained.

Area 31Area 31

6. 235 Rooftop Lounge

Among these places, 235 Rooftop Lounge is the most elusive. Located on the hotel’s roof, it is a private and members-only lounging space. To fully immerse yourself in the upper society of South Beach, consider joining this private club. There are a lot of international events here that focus on music, dance, cinema, and fashion. Of course, there will be plenty of delectable fare and drinks to go around. Make yourself a member if you must, but it’s one of the area’s less busy rooftop lounges.

235 Rooftop Lounge235 Rooftop Lounge

7. Tearoom

The Tea Room is located just down the hall from Sugar, behind a door that appears to be slightly hidden. This dimly lit area is more of a restaurant and bar with seating than Sugar. Still, it has an even more incredible view because of the floor-to-ceiling windows that provide a breathtaking panorama of the Miami cityscape. The “Asian night brunch” offered at Team Room has foods such as bang bang shrimp, spring rolls, dumplings, and some sushi rolls, among other options. Although the food isn’t particularly noteworthy, the scenery more than makes up for it. However, you will be required to make a reservation.


8. Terras

Brick ell’s skyline can be seen from Little Havana’s solitary rooftop bar, which is nestled away and isn’t much taller than the adjacent apartment buildings. There are plenty of plant-based foods to accompany the Latin-inspired cocktails on offer for those who aren’t quite ready to give up meat. A few bites from each plate are all you need for a filling supper. Breakfast is available to non-hotel guests at Terrace, located on the hotel’s roof.


9. Astra

Take in the Wynwood sunset from one of Miami’s top restaurants. Customers at Astra can sample a wide range of Mediterranean delicacies in a stylish rooftop setting. Guests are greeted with an abundance of plants, couches, and another calming décor on the outside patio. The cuisine and atmosphere are both excellent.
It’s possible to enjoy Astra’s classic Greek cuisine alone or with a group of friends or family. Everything from spanakopita to kebabs is on the menu and dips and spreads. Greek salad, lamb chops, and branzino are some of the more substantial options on the menu. There are a lot of options, which necessitates multiple trips.


10. Habitat

Restaurant Habitat is located at 1 Hotel South Beach and is one of the area’s more sophisticated dining establishments. This chic Mexican eatery has a terrace and serves delectable fare prepared by expert chefs in a modern, cosmopolitan atmosphere. Fresh ingredients and homemade tortillas are the hallmarks of this restaurant. Some nights of the week, live music will be performed at the restaurant. Some of their best-selling meals include hamachi aguachile, Puebla-style lamb, pig carnitas tacos, and rice a la tumbaga.


11. Cebada

Cebada is the only rooftop restaurant in downtown Coral Gables and the only Cuban restaurant in the sky in the greater Miami area. These are just two of the many reasons to visit this quaint establishment. With an inventive menu of Latin-inspired tapas, Cebada goes above and beyond the typical rooftop bar fare to satisfy your hunger and avoid overindulging. We have added chorizo-spiced cobia served with yuca-mofongo crumble in the past few months and Spanish-fried chicken served with Guava Butter.


12. Three & No. 3 Social Rooftop

Three & No. 3 Social Rooftop is right in the middle of the mural-filled Wynwood Arts District. It has a lively restaurant downstairs and a colorful, music-filled rooftop lounge. The rooftop has a mix of comfortable lounge furniture and dining tables and seasonal and fresh snacks that can be shared, and a wide range of hand-crafted specialty cocktails. Come early for happy hour and a more laid-back atmosphere, or at night for live music and DJs playing everything from house to old school to Afro tech.

Three No. 3 Social RooftopThree No. 3 Social Rooftop

13. Water At The 1 Rooftop

The incredible Water at the 1 Rooftop is located on the 18th level of the spectacular 1 Hotel South Beach and is one of the most luxurious spots in Miami. One of the city’s best rooftop terraces features a rooftop pool and a modern restaurant with stunning views of the ocean. On this Peruvian-influenced Japanese restaurant’s spectacular South Beach rooftop, you will find unique offerings of precisely made cocktails and draught beers. If you enjoy sushi, anticuchos, and maki rolls, you won’t be disappointed by this restaurant’s decor or its menu.

Water at the 1 RooftopWater at the 1 Rooftop

14. Serena

With its excellent touches of neon, Serena is like taking an elevator to Mexico City. It was designed to look like the trendy patios in Mexico City. It is a beautiful lounge in the sky with lots of cozy corners hidden by blooming bougainvillaea bushes and lit by string lights. The way the couches are set up and how it feels like a garden are both on purpose. Chef Scott Linquist, cooking Mexican food for a long time, works in the outdoor kitchen. He serves his best uni and crab tostadas, tuna tartare, and other coastal Mexican dishes. Two dishes you shouldn’t miss are the squash blossom quesadillas and the classic Caesar salad.


15. Rooftop at E11 Even

The city’s Arts & Entertainment District is home to Rooftop at E11even. Its energy makes it a hotspot for the city’s nightlife and its rooftop restaurant is one of the best in the city. In addition to a large indoor and outdoor area, there are numerous communal tables and sofas for relaxing. As the sun sets over downtown Miami, you’ll be soothed by the atmosphere, the stunning views, and the mouthwatering menu, including various international dishes.

Rooftop at E11 EvenRooftop at E11 Even

16. Mike’s Venetia

It would be Mike’s if an Irish bar closed its eyes and wished to be on a rooftop. It’s located on the roof of an ancient apartment building at the west end of the Venetian Causeway, and the atmosphere is informal to the point of being a dive bar. There’s just something about it that’s so appealing to us, though. They also serve good fried food, cold beer, and a beautiful view of Biscayne Bay if you stand up and walk to the edge.

Mikes VenetiaMikes Venetia

17. Mila

The MediterAsian idea behind MILA isn’t easy to say. Still, the views are easy to sell. The restaurant, lounge, and bar are located above Lincoln Road in a quiet area. DJs, fire dancers, and other types of live entertainment keep the place lively. Per formative servers bring the show to your table by finishing cocktails with dry ice, searing meats, and putting the finishing touches on a variety of dishes and drinks right in front of your eyes. Sit back and enjoy the show. Both the crowd and the restaurant are worth seeing.


18. Salvaje

An American outpost of the world-famous Japanese fusion restaurant has opened in Miami’s Midtown district. With locations in both Ibiza and Marbella, Salvaje is a clubstaurant with spectacular views, a delicious sushi cuisine, and a nightlife pedigree you’ll recognize as soon as the sun goes down and the music turns up. Tableside dancing is a great way to burn off the calories from the grilled lamb shank, lobster dumplings, and wok-fried rice with roasted duck.


19. Dolores But You Can Call Me Lolita

You can call me Dolores, but you don’t have to. Adding a new taste to Brickell is Lolita. Lolita, a restaurant housed in a former firehouse, is well-known for its international menu and hearty portions and its lively dance events on the weekends.
Brick ell’s most popular dating destination is an old firehouse transformed into a restaurant and nightclub. The second-floor dining area is famous for couples with plenty of greenery and ceiling fans. People flock to the upper level to relax and enjoy the good two-course dinners (each entrée comes with a complimentary appetiser) and cocktails, which are served in various lounge settings.

Dolores But You Can Call Me LolitaDolores But You Can Call Me Lolita

20. The Lincoln Eatery

The rooftop bar and restaurant of the Lincoln Road food court is a spacious terrace with two enormous pergolas that provide shade from the blazing Miami heat. The rooftop opens at 4 p.m. and provides a varied assortment of food from its downstairs vendors, ranging from Asian small plates to steakhouse-inspired snacks. Be careful to arrive early if you like to dine since it becomes quite the scene after the sun goes down and a full-fledged party ensues.

The Lincoln EateryThe Lincoln Eatery